New Gun Owners Can Be Safe By Practicing Good Habits

Being a first-time gun owner can be exciting but also a little unnerving at the same time. This is completely normal and expected, and the good news is there are plenty of resources and training courses to help you understand proper gun safety when handling and storing your gun. The more you practice handling your guns, the more confidence you’ll gain along the way, and you’ll feel much safer as a result.  Fort Knox safes offer maximum protection for your guns from fire, theft, or other unauthorized access, as well as to help keep them in great condition with proper care. Learn several of the most basic safe gun habits for first-time gun owners, as well as what storage system may be the best for your situation.


Handling Firearms Safely As A New Gun Owner


New gun owners can find plenty of resources online about how to handle a firearm safely. However, putting those resources into practice is the only way you’ll increase your comfort level. Consider signing up for gun safety courses so you can touch and feel various guns and increase your confidence in handling them with a professional by your side. If you don’t have any courses available in your area, you can also work with a friend or family member who has more experience handling guns to help you put words into action. Some of the basic gun safety practices new gun owners should always remember include:


  • Never touching the trigger until the gun is ready to be fired
  • Always keeping the firearm pointed away in a safe direction
  • Treating every gun as if it’s loaded
  • Understanding what is beyond your intended target when aiming
  • Don’t point your gun at any targets you don’t intend to shoot at
  • Wear appropriate ear and eye protection
  • Never modify or alter your gun in any way
  • Clean the barrel of the gun before each use
  • Store your gun and ammunition properly
  • Don’t use alcohol or drugs while operating firearms


Caring For And Storing Firearms


Keeping your firearms clean and polished not only preserves them for years to come, but also maintains their performance and can prevent accidents from happening. Invest in the proper tools to clean different components of your gun. Even the smallest pieces of debris could cause the bullet to go off track and hit an unintended target inadvertently. Wiping down your guns gently with a lubricant can also help ensure the metal components remain free of rust and stay in great shape.


If you don’t have a way to secure your firearms, then it’s time to look into safes and vaults right away. A Fort Knox vault can protect your firearms and ammunition from fire damage or theft, as well as keep your guns in great shape. First-time gun owners need to understand the severity of gun storage and keeping guns and ammunition out of reach of children. The best gun safe will have key locks or other reliable locking mechanisms, so it’s virtually impossible for children or other unauthorized people to enter the vault and access your guns. Store your guns with the barrel pointing straight up or straight down for the safest storage solution.


Is It Illegal To Not Store Guns In A Safe?


New gun owners often wonder what laws are in place regarding gun storage. Federal laws don’t have strict regulations for gun storage solutions unless the firearms are being sold or transferred. However, at the state level, some states are stricter than others and require that all guns be locked in a gun safe. Most states follow federal regulations, so gun owners have the freedom to choose where they store their guns. It’s still highly recommended not to use basic portable gun cases as a storage solution and opt instead for a secure gun safe to protect yourself and your family.


Protect Yourself And Your Family With A Quality Gun Safe


A common concern many first-time gun owners have is how they will keep themselves and their families safe with a gun in the house. Fort Knox safes provide the most secure options for gun owners so they can have peace of mind knowing their family, property, and firearms are protected. This goes for ammunition as well since it should be stored in a fireproof gun safe not visible for children or other unauthorized people. Practicing safe gun habits and prioritizing gun storage solutions can help every new gun owner feel confident in their ability to protect their family and prevent accidents from occurring with guns.


Fort Knox offers the highest quality gun storage solutions you’ll find anywhere. The difference is in the quality, protection, and craftsmanship, which they are so confident in that they offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on every gun safe purchased from them. Everything from the locking mechanisms to the humidity control and the fire protection goes through a meticulous process during manufacturing to ensure every unit is the highest quality possible. If you’re ready to add some peace of mind and keep your firearms as secure as possible, build and price your Fort Knox vault today.



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