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When it comes to personal items and valuables in your home, you want to make sure they are stored properly and are locked away in case of theft, fire damage, or other natural disaster. A residential vault room is ideal in many cases when your collection of guns and valuables is still growing and you want a secure place in your home to store items. Fort Knox offers in-swing and out-swing vault doors crafted to match the design of your home with many customizable options to help you achieve the highest level of security matched with a sleek design.


Fort Knox drives quality into each vault door that is built. To prevent the chance of fire damage or theft vulnerability, Fort Knox‘s exactness and precision in design helps to eliminate the chance of fire damage and theft vulnerability to guns and valuables. Fort Knox stands behind every vault door built by offering a lifetime warranty, greater than any other in the industry. Invest in what’s most valuable to you and choose a vault door that guarantees theft protection, fire protection, and prevention of unauthorized use.



Excellent safes means superior security, and we don’t take that lightly. From fire protection to theft protection, we’ve designed a premier vault door to ensure the security of your valuables. Our patented rack and pinion bank style locking mechanism is the most technically sophisticated vault door locking system available. The maintenance free system means more ease-of-use and damage prevention. Aside from a superior locking mechanism, Fort Knox offers optional AR500 and stainless steel liners to add additional strength to your vault door. The more steel, the stronger the door will be.


Our vault doors are lined with an inferno shield, limiting the thermal conductivity of the safe. Our simulations provide proof that Fort Knox is the leading gun vault door in the industry. Our reinforced fire door adds layers of fire protection and is then reinforced with three to four times more steel than other composite type doors.


Your vault door should reflect your style. Fort Knox offers three distinctive finish options and a number of gloss colors to achieve the exact look you envision.


A thick durable scratch resistant paint finish perfect for garages, shops or storage rooms.

textured finish vault door


A beautiful acrylic urethane enamel paint finish with unmatched luster.

vault door gloss finish


A unique industrial looking finish that shows some aging and random imperfections (No two are the same).

Distressed Finish Vaul Door


IN-SWING Vault Door

In addition to protecting your valuable items, the in-swing vault door model can act as a storm shelter or panic room to protect you and your family when needed.

Customize Your In-Swing Vault Door


out-swing Vault Door

With customizable options, the Fort Knox out-swing vault door increases protection for your valuables while also providing storage efficiency in rooms with limited space.

Customize Your Out-Swing Vault Door


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