Children and Gun Safety

Homeowners may have firearms in their homes to keep their families safe, but without proper gun safety protocols, the home may be more dangerous than anything outside the home. Kids are naturally curious about everything around them. If they see a firearm storage vault in their home, they will likely try to open it. And if the vault is left unlocked and a gun is loaded, the child and anyone around them could be in immediate danger. 


Teaching gun safety for kids is the ultimate responsibility for parents who have guns in the house. Simply hiding the guns and not saying anything about them is not the right way to approach the matter since they could find them when you aren’t present and hurt themselves or others. The best thing to do is be open and honest with them, teach them gun safety, enroll them in gun education courses, and show them how to handle a gun properly. 


Children Should Know To Respect Guns


Respecting guns means knowing they are dangerous and what to do in situations when they see a gun. It’s simple to tell them never to touch a firearm at home unless an adult is supervising them. You have a little more control of the situation since you can buy a concealed gun storage vault and always keep it locked with the guns unloaded. 


What’s more concerning is when your child goes to a friend’s house since you don’t know if those parents have guns in the home or have an appropriate gun storage solution for them. Your child needs to know that guns in other homes need to be treated with the same respect as they are in your home, and alert an adult immediately when it’s spotted. Their friend may not respect the gun in the same manner and could see it as a toy to play with. To be as safe as possible as a parent, it’s never out of line to ask other parents if they have any guns at their house before allowing your child to come over.


Safety Tips For Kids Old Enough To Handle Guns


Parents of teenagers often loosen their gun safety restrictions and may not prioritize hidden gun storage as much as they did when their kids were younger. However, a child’s teenage years are arguably even more critical for a parent to prevent quick access to guns with the gun violence that occurs in the United States today. Your child may not have bad intentions, but a friend might. And if they know you have an unlocked gun vault and can access guns easily, they could find a way to get them and put themselves or others in harm’s way. 


As a child approaches their teenage years, they should be able to handle a gun safely. Parents should teach their kids the basic rules of gun safety, like never pointing a gun at someone, always unloading the gun before handling it, how to properly store firearms, and more. You may even decide to allow your child to practice shooting a firearm if they are interested in hunting or simply for target practice. If this is the case, enrolling them in a formal gun education program should be your next priority.


Formal Gun Education Is Essential For Kids


Formal gun education programs are offered across the country and are extremely valuable for kids. Learning how to handle guns at an early age could save their lives and the lives of others who may not have the proper education. Having guns in the home should be a way to protect your family from outside intruders without placing any immediate danger inside the home itself. By enrolling kids in a formal gun education program, parents can feel confident knowing their kids respect guns, know how to handle them, and can even assist you with properly storing the guns when not in use.


Parents Need Proper Gun Storage In Their Home


Parents should have hidden gun safes in the home if they own firearms. By hiding the safe and making it look like it belongs in the home, children may not be as interested in seeing what’s inside. However, never underestimate the curiosity of a child. It’s still always important to tell them what the concealed gun storage vault is for and why it should never be touched or opened. And for kids that are old enough to handle guns, teach them how to properly store the guns in the vault and lock it securely to prevent unauthorized access and keep the family safe.

There are many different aspects of gun safety for kids. However, the education process should begin and end with proper gun storage, and Fort Knox has the right equipment to help you. A custom Fort Knox safe can keep your firearms safe, out of the reach of children, and locked securely to prevent accidental or unauthorized access. Build and price your custom gun vault with Fort Knox today and have some peace of mind knowing your family is safe and your guns are secured.


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