Tips for First Time Gun Buyers

When considering the purchase of your first gun, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of gun ownership and develop a plan. The basic practices of owning a gun are the same whether you’re a 21-year old entering the world on your own or a new retiree who wants additional self-protection. Every first time gun buyer should: 


  • Understand the reason for buying a gun
  • Research where to purchase a gun 
  • Get appropriate firearm training
  • Know how to maintain and safely store their gun at home 


These tips can help make buying a gun a seamless process and boost their confidence at the same time.


What’s Your Reason For Buying A Gun?


During these trying times, there are many reasons why you may be purchasing a gun for the first time. You may have just had a child and understand the need to protect them, you may have developed physical limitations as you’ve gotten older and need a gun for self-defense, or you simply may have decided it’s time to have a gun for protection on hand if it’s ever needed. All of these are valid reasons for becoming a first time gun buyer, and it’s important to understand your specific needs so you can choose the right type of gun.


When purchasing a gun for self-defense, choose a gun that you enjoy practicing with and feel comfortable using. This will help you learn to react effectively, even under stress. Many first time gun owners will also opt to get their concealed carry license and purchase a handgun or a pistol to have on them for self-defense. Regardless of your reason for buying a gun and the type of gun you purchase, safety should be the top priority, which will be explained later.


The Difference Between Buying A Gun From a Private Seller and a Licensed Dealer


One of the benefits of buying a gun from a private seller is the cost may be lower compared to buying from a licensed dealer. When you buy from a private seller you know and trust, this cost savings may be worth it since you know where the gun has been and how well it has been taken care of. If you don’t know the seller personally, it’s important to ask questions about the condition of the gun, what they know about its history, how often it has been used, where it was stored, and other similar questions. A risk you are taking when buying a gun from a private seller is you are taking the seller’s word for anything they tell you. Federally licensed firearms dealers are required by federal law to conduct background checks on prospective buyers, but private (unlicensed) sellers are not. Some states require background checks for private sales, usually through a licensed intermediary, while other states have few to no regulations on private gun sales. Check your local laws and regulations before purchasing a firearm. 


Buying from a licensed firearm dealer means the sale is regulated and the buyer can have peace of mind knowing the history of the gun. The typical process involves presenting two forms of identification, completing a background check, and filling out paperwork to attach the gun’s serial number to your name. These legalities are for your protection and to help regulate gun purchases to responsible citizens.


Buy A Gun You Can Handle


Many first time gun buyers opt for a pistol or a handgun as their first purchase. These guns are smaller and more manageable. They are also easier to store away due to their size. However, you have to also think about when you’ll be using the gun. The kickback in a gun can vary greatly. Typically, as the weight of a gun increases, its recoil decreases, so sometimes a slightly more weighty handgun or even a lightweight shotgun might be the best option. However, also remember that the fit and shape of the grip and your ability will play a big part in what you can handle. Getting properly trained can help you understand what type of gun will be best for you so you can make the appropriate purchase.


Get Trained To Handle A Firearm Before Purchasing


No matter which gun you decide to purchase, it’s essential to undergo proper training so you can keep yourself and others around you safe. A trip to the range before you make your purchase is always a great idea so you can: 


  • Test out different kinds of guns
  • Get an idea of how they shoot 
  • Become more comfortable with handling and safely loading them


Additionally, gun education and safety courses are widely available and include a mix of book learning and formal instruction on everything from avoiding dangerous encounters, home defense tactics, and understanding legal issues and liability consequences associated with the use of deadly force. It’s highly recommended for every first time gun buyer to take at least one training course on gun safety so you can feel more confident in handling the gun and protecting your surroundings.


Keep Your Firearm Maintained And Safely Stored At Home


Another important aspect you can’t overlook is how to maintain and safely store your firearm at home. Proper maintenance may be taught at gun safety courses and these practices are essential for keeping your gun functioning properly and staying in good shape for many years. Storing your firearm in a gun safe or gun box is critical for both the protection of your gun and your family. 


Gun safes come in various sizes with different features depending on your needs. At the very least, you should invest in one with a key lock, but you may also buy one that requires a biometric fingerprint to open the vault. The important thing is to not let any unauthorized people enter your gun safe, whether it’s children at your home or a thief trying to steal your guns. With a quality gun safe, you’ll have access to your firearms while also keeping other people safe from them.


Fort Knox offers the highest quality gun safes in the industry. Whether you need a simple pistol box or want a full-sized gun vault, Fort Knox has plenty of options to suit your needs. Their safes boast the top fire rating in the industry so you can have peace of mind knowing your guns will be safe and secure. A first time gun buyer should invest in the appropriate gun safe, so build yours today with Fort Knox.



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