Best Practices For Being A Responsible Gun Owner

It’s extremely important for people to take courses on gun safety before purchasing a gun. At the very least, the gun owner should read about gun safety laws and how to handle firearms. No matter the reason why you’re purchasing a gun, you must take the responsibilities of gun ownership seriously to prevent a devastating injury to yourself or others while protecting your family and property. Everything from how to handle firearms to understanding proper gun storage is essential to understand, and here are some of the basic best practices to always keep in mind.


Don’t Touch The Trigger Until You’re Ready To Fire


Even though you know a gun may be unloaded and locked, never put your finger on the trigger and keep it outside the trigger guard until it’s time to shoot. It’s not safe to rest your finger inside the trigger guard, even though it’s usually comfortable to do so. Inadvertently pulling the trigger is hard to do when your finger is nowhere near it, so you can avoid accidental discharges more often than not by keeping your hands on the handle.


Always Keep The Firearm Pointed In A Safe Direction


A loaded gun should always be pointed in a safe direction when it’s not being aimed at the intended target. This means holding the gun down most of the time so the barrel is pointing to the ground. Gun owners should never point a gun at someone even if they are just joking around because accidental discharges can happen and turn into devastation quickly. Avoid pointing the gun in the air as well just in case an accidental discharge occurs and fires the bullet in the air. And when it comes to gun storage, the best placement is to have the barrel pointed straight up or straight down so it won’t be in harm’s way.


Every Gun Should Be Handled As If It’s Loaded


Every gun should be treated as if it’s a loaded firearm, and if you have to handle it for any reason, always check it to ensure it’s not loaded. Never assume it has been unloaded already, even if you know it’s always your process to unload it before putting it into your gun storage vault. If you are unsure how to check a particular gun, then ask someone knowledgeable about the gun to prevent an accident from happening. The number one rule of gun safety for gun owners is to respect every firearm you’re around and treat them as if they are ready to be fired.


Know What Is Beyond Your Intended Target


When you’re at a designated shooting range, you can feel confident in the targets you’re aiming at since the facility should have proper safety protocols in place. However, it’s critical to know what is beyond your intended target in any other situation just in case the bullet goes through it or if you miss the target. Anyone or anything behind the target is in danger of getting struck by the bullet, no matter how great you are with your aim. If you’re ever in any doubt about what’s behind your intended target, don’t shoot until you’ve investigated thoroughly and can confirm definitively that it’s safe to shoot.


Practice Gun Training Drills To Improve Gun Handling


A great way to improve your gun handling skills is to practice with training drills. You can take training courses with certified professionals if you’ve never done so before, and you can continue sharpening your skills in your free time as well. Some of the most popular training drills, particularly with handguns, involve drawing your gun from a standing position, firing at a target roughly ten yards away, and then putting it back in a holster. You can set multiple targets up to help improve your accuracy and set a timer in one-minute intervals to fire at a different target each time. With every gun handling exercise you partake in, you’ll be increasing your skills and confidence in handling a firearm safely.


Store Firearms And Ammunition Properly In A Gun Vault


Proper storage of firearms and ammunition in a gun vault should be prioritized for every gun owner. Most gun safety laws don’t require that you lock your firearms in a gun safe, but it’s one of the best practices to do. Gun cabinets are designed to protect your firearms from getting damaged or stolen, but they can also prevent an unauthorized person in your home from having access to them. You don’t want your children playing with a gun safe just in case they open the door. And if you have a handgun, it’s important to invest in a pistol safe that’s difficult for unauthorized people to open. Understanding safe storage practices and prioritizing them can keep your guns in great condition and also keep your family safe at the same time.


Fort Knox Vaults offers a high-quality gun vault for gun owners. The responsibilities of gun owners begin with proper handling of firearms and end with proper gun storage. Both firearms and ammunition should be locked in a gun vault where children or other unauthorized people do not have access to them. A quality gun vault from Fort Knox can keep your family safe and your guns protected, so it’s an important investment to consider. Build and price your gun vault today with the detailed and easy-to-use Fort Knox vault builder.

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