Customize Your Gun Vault With The Fort Knox Vault Builder

When you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a gun vault or a home safe to protect your belongings, settling for the cheapest option won’t always provide you with the protection needed. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank when shopping for home safes and vaults, but you do need to look closely at the features available and select them based on your needs. Some may be looking for a home safe to keep cash, jewelry, or sensitive paper documents safe from a fire or burglary. Others may have a gun collection that needs to be safely stored away from children. Fort Knox has custom options to ensure those needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

The Fort Knox vault builder is a detailed and comprehensive tool to help you design the perfect custom gun safe for your needs, whether you need a luxury safe for valuables or a full gun vault for a large firearm collection. The step-by-step process is easy for anyone to follow and you can customize your vault according to your budget and other factors. Start by thinking about the purpose the vault will serve and then explore features that Fort Knox offers for a customized safe.

What Features Do You Need In A Gun Vault Or Home Safe?

Shopping for handgun safes, home safes or gun vaults can be tricky if you don’t know what features are most important. In a basic sense, you need features that will offer benefits such as:

  • Fire protection
  • Theft protection
  • Secure locking mechanisms to prevent children or unauthorized people from opening the door
  • Size big enough to suit your needs

Every manufacturer has different standards, so it’s important to study the testing protocols they use to help you understand exactly what comprises the ratings. The aesthetics and interior design are also important for various reasons, so being able to customize the color, interior layout, hinge type, steel thickness, and other features should not be overlooked. Once you determine exactly what you need in a custom gun safe, you can take the next step and go through the simple process of customizing yours with Fort Knox.

Customizing Your Vault With Fort Knox

When you access the Fort Knox gun vault builder, you will be presented with several quality options to choose from. The standard options are displayed, including the fire ratings, steel body thickness, and the price. Select the option you desire based on these factors by clicking “Customize” underneath the image of the vault and follow these steps:

  1. Select the dimensions of the vault based on your needs, space, and other factors.
  2. Click the “Exterior” tab to select the exterior color, lock system, graphic, and hinge type.
  3. Click the “Interior” tab to select the layout of your vault, as well as the interior fabric. With several different configurations, you can select the perfect option based on the contents you plan on storing in the vault.
  4. Click the “Options” tab to add additional steel liners for more protection, as well as upgrades to the steel door or body, if needed.
  5. Click the “Accessories” tab to further customize your vault, including adding things like a carpeted pedestal, a drawer system, door holsters, dehumidifier, mirror top or bottom, and more.
  6. Once you’ve reviewed all of your selected options, click “Get Quote”, enter the information where prompted, and your detailed quote will be emailed to you immediately.

When you’re ready to purchase your custom gun safe, simply click on “Get Quote” and fill out the information. You will then promptly receive an email with additional instructions on working with a dealer closest to you. You can also edit your selections if you want to add or remove different features for any reason. The goal is to build the vault exactly to your specifications so you are confident with your purchase.

Why Fort Knox Safes Are Different From Other Companies

It’s simple enough to build your custom Fort Knox safes, but what makes their products different from other companies? The Fort Knox difference comprises using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and protection, backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty customers benefit from with Fort Knox includes the vault body, the interior, lock, handle and bolt, locking mechanism, and the clutch. Fort Knox guarantees any new gun vault you purchase from them will be free from any defects beginning from the date it’s delivered to your home.

The fire protection rating offered by Fort Knox is also unmatched with other manufacturers. The use of a hydrogen bond fireboard, locked in place by a stud weld process, and a dual-activated door seal, give Fort Knox vaults the leading fire protection rating in the industry. Many people overlook the importance of the fire-resistance rating if they are only concerned about theft protection, but it’s very important to consider since a house fire can happen when you least expect it.

Fort Knox works with the best dealers in the area to ensure the highest quality products are manufactured for their customers. Selecting the perfect gun vault can be a difficult task when it seems like the perfect option is never available with a company’s standard offerings. That’s why Fort Knox allows you to customize your vault specifically for your needs so you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected, and the vault is backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty. Start the simple process today of building and pricing your custom gun safe today and experience the Fort Knox difference for yourself.

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