What Makes a Gun Safe a Good Investment?

If you’re here, you’re likely already considering buying a home gun safe. While there are affordable options out there, a high-quality gun safe can be more expensive than other home security purchases. But at the end of the day, a gun safe – especially a highly secure gun safe – offers many things that make it well worth the investment.

There are many things that are well worth taking into consideration. The best gun safe options out there not only offer you a place to store your firearms but also protect both you and your guns from potential hard brought on by natural disaster, theft and more.

This is why when it comes to home security purchases, you should know what to look for in a safe’s construction and the features in a safe that make it stand out as a more secure option, and therefore a good investment. Here are just some of the things that you should be considering when you start shopping.

Is Investing in a Gun Safe a Good Idea?

Many people are going to take a step back at this point and wonder whether purchasing a gun safe is actually wise. For a lot of folks, especially those who do not have children in the home, it might not seem as if purchasing a secure gun safe is all that important. However, a gun safe does far more than keep curious children away from your firearms.

One of the most important things a gun safe offers the average gun owner is control over who has access to their guns. Even those who do not have children are likely to have people coming in and out of their homes at some point. The most obvious reason you want to be sure your guns aren’t out in the open is that regardless of how secure your home itself is, there is almost always some potential for thieves to break in. Seeking a firearm safe that is heavy and difficult to move, such as an option made with durable steel, not only prevents thieves from taking your guns but also helps ensure they do not leave your home with the entire safe. Additionally, you are likely to at some point have strangers in and out of your home, whether it be a new neighbor or handyman. A good gun safe with features such as a secure combination lock helps ensure that nobody has access to your weapons unless you give it to them.

It’s also important to remember that on the off-chance your gun does get stolen, insurance may not be able to help you recoup your costs. Unlike other household items, there are often restrictions when it comes to insurance and guns. Good homeowner insurance may have, at best, a firearms coverage limit of $3000 – most will have even less than that. Some policies may only help you recover your costs if your guns are damaged in a fire, and not if they are stolen.

It’s also likely that you will only get back a portion of the actual value of your guns, even if you are reimbursed. Insurance typically only looks at the “book value” of a gun, and not what it’s actually worth on the market. This makes having a safe with a high fire rating especially important. Nobody wants to think about what may happen if their home catches fire, but fire protection can help guarantee that if a fire does occur firearms will be protected in high temperatures.

Why is a Gun Safe Important?

It’s easy to get caught up in the basics of gun security when it comes to buying a home gun safe. However, do remember that there are many other things that make a gun safe important, especially when it comes to protecting your rights as a gun owner.

It’s an unfortunate fact that all too often there are stories in the media about gun violence and accidental injuries involving guns. Being a responsible gun owner and having a secure gun safe helps ensure you are not contributing to this problem by allowing an incident to occur that could be exploited by anti-gun groups.

It’s also important to remember that you could be at risk even if no accidents or injuries occur in your home. There are many laws on the books now regarding gun ownership and the measures you need to take to keep your guns secure. These include Child Access Prevention Laws and Firearm Locking Device Laws, among others. While laws vary from state to state, it is still a good idea to be sure you have a secure gun safe at your home so you can be certain you’re not in danger of breaking the law simply by owning a gun and not having it stored properly.

Now that you see why having a gun safe is a good investment, it’s time to act. Fort Knox can help you with its customizable gun safes, which come complete with a lifetime warranty. This allows you to get precisely the vault you need and to ensure it will continue providing you protection for years to come. There is never a need to reinvest! Build and price your vault today.

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