A Guide to Customizing Your Home Safe

A home safe is designed to protect and keep your most valuable documents and possessions secure, organized, and accessible. Your first instinct when thinking about getting a home safe might be to only get one large enough for the precious items you are wanting to protect. Having a larger home safe allows for future items to be added as safe owners often find they need two or three times the capacity they thought was necessary.


While there are plenty of home safes available in standard options to fit your needs, consider customizing one with Fort Knox instead. You can customize it according to the size, locking mechanism, thickness of the steel, fire rating, interior and exterior finishes, and much more. This quick guide will help you navigate the options for customizing your home safe.


Why A Home Safe Is So Important


Think about the items you have in your home that would make you feel devastated if you lost them. It could be anything from old photos or even important documents like your social security card, contracts or tax documents. Coin collections, gold and silver can also be securely locked.  Your home safe keeps all of these items preserved, protected and in one location so you can have quick access whenever you want to showcase them, as opposed to options like offsite safety deposit boxes. 


They also offer fire and theft protection in the event one of these unfortunate circumstances occurs. If a natural disaster strikes, you can feel confident knowing the most important possessions you have can be kept safe and out of harm’s way when they are in your home safe. 


Many of Fort Knox’s home safes have a fire protection rating of up to 1680° for up to 120 minutes, so you can feel confident knowing your important documents and items are safe in the event of a fire at your home. For comparison purposes, a normal house fire will be in the range of 800°-1200°. The home safes offered by Fort Knox stand out from the competition as they go above and beyond the industry standards for fire protection. 


Security Considerations


A major desire homeowners have today is theft protection. Home security systems are more sophisticated than ever before, but you should never underestimate the lengths thieves will go to in order to steal valuable possessions. With a strong steel home safe, the strength is at such a high level that it’s virtually indestructible for humans. With a Fort Knox home safe, you’ll have the benefit of inner-steel liners for increased security. Depending on what items you plan on storing in your home safe, you can add up to four additional steel liners for maximum protection to the things that matter most. Door corner bolts are also unique characteristics of Fort Knox home safes, as they provide additional protection against pry attacks, which usually begin at the corner of the door.


Home Safe Models Offered By Fort Knox


You can have peace of mind by owning a fireproof safe from Fort Knox, which boasts the industry-leading fire protection for their products. Fort Knox offers three different customizable home safe models to meet your needs. They include: 


  1. Marquise – this model includes a 3/16” body and boasts a fire protection rating of 1680° for 120 minutes.
  2. Legacy – this model includes a 3/16” body plus a 3/16” AR500 steel liner that withstands cutting and drilling, and boasts a fire protection rating of 1680° for 120 minutes.
  3. Treasury – this model includes a 3/16” body, plus the 3/16” AR500 steel liner from the Legacy model, and a second 10 GA stainless steel liner that resists cutting torch attacks. It also boasts a fire protection rating of 1680° for 120 minutes.


The right model for you depends on the level of security you want and how important the items are that you’ll be keeping in the safe. These three models are the basis for beginning the customization of your home safe.


Luxury Options For Your Home Safe


Many people don’t view a home safe as being a luxury item, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into one. Aesthetics are important for large items like a home safe since you may want it to blend in with your overall decor and theme, as well as look great on the inside. Fort Knox offers various luxury features for your fireproof safe, including:


  • Hardwood drawers of various sizes (including a file drawer)
  • Attractive exterior finishes
  • Plush velvet customizable tray configurations
  • Gorgeous high-gloss finishes
  • Fabric-lined doors with vanity mirrors
  • Attractive interior fabric finishes


When you go through Fort Knox’s custom vault builder on their website, you can choose the options you want and get a price quote emailed to you instantaneously. And if you change your mind before purchasing, you can always go back and revise some of the customization options and receive an updated quote to ensure you get exactly what you need and want.


Have Peace Of Mind With Lifetime Warranty


You can have peace of mind buying security products from Fort Knox knowing every home safe comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers everything, including the locking mechanisms, doors, and other components. As long as you are the original purchaser of the vault, Fort Knox will replace it free of charge if it is damaged due to forced entry or an unlawful attempt. They guarantee your home safe will be free from defects in the workmanship and materials throughout the lifetime of the original purchaser.


Fort Knox specializes in much more than just home safes. They offer an extensive selection of safes, including gun safes, to meet your specific needs. Check out Fort Knox’s custom vault builder online today to see for yourself how easy it is or feel free to see if there is a dealer near you to visit. 

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