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Think about all the valuable possessions you have in your home and what would happen if you lost them all. This has happened too many times to people who may not have prepared for a fire or theft at their home. No one can predict when a fire or burglary will happen, so being prepared with an in home safe can give you peace of mind knowing your belongings and valuable possessions are secure. Here are some of the key characteristics to look for in a quality home safe and what luxury safe options Fort Knox offers.

Fire Protection

If you’re going to invest in a fire resistant home safe, it’s important to ensure it meets or exceeds the standards for fire resistance. This is measured by the amount of time a safe can withstand high external temperatures, around 1,700-degrees Fahrenheit, and keep the inside of the safe to 350-degrees Fahrenheit or lower at the same time.

The security safe options at Fort Knox include two levels of fire protection. The Inferno Shield 90 keeps the inside of your home safe box under 350-degrees Fahrenheit and keeps your belongings protected at an external temperature of 1,680-degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. The Inferno Shield 120 offers the ultimate fire protection and is rated at 1,680-degrees Fahrenheit for 120 minutes.

Theft Protection

You may have various levels of burglary protection in and around your home, and a security safe should be one of them. Burglars tend to look for items that are easily accessible or are in places that sensitive items are usually kept. A great home security safe is sometimes enough to deter a burglar from even attempting to break into it since they know their efforts won’t amount to anything. The steel thickness, locking mechanism, hinges and inner liners are important factors and Fort Knox offers industry-leading features in this regard.

Water Resistance

Flooding due to excessive rain or a broken water line can cause significant damage to your home. Having a home safe with water resistant properties is also ideal, especially to keep important documents like birth certificates, Social Security cards, tax documents and other important information safe. Most home safes that are fire-resistant have water-resistant properties as well.


The size of the home safe box you need depends on the number of items you have and what those items consist of. Most of the time it’s ideal to invest in a large home safe since you’ll likely add items to it as time goes on and need as much storage space as possible. Another benefit of a large home safe is the weight. The heavier it is, the better it is since it will deter burglars from trying to lift it and walk away with it. A good size to consider is around 40” x 26” x 20”, which should give you plenty of interior space for your valuables. Some people make the mistake of investing in a home safe that’s easy for them to carry and move around, but don’t think about the fact that it would be easy for a burglar to walk away with as well.

Home Safe Options Offered By Fort Knox

Fort Knox offers three types of home safes that appeal to everyone’s needs and budget. And the best part about a Fort Knox luxury safe is you can custom build your safe using their vault builder. The standard home safe offerings by Fort Knox include:

Marquis – this is the standard home safe model that’s crafted with an industry-leading 3/16” body. It includes standard fire and theft protection, which surpasses most other safes available on the market.
Legacy – this home safe model includes the Fort Knox AR500 3/16” steel liner. The overall body steel thickness of 3/8” makes it a great option for theft protection as it is virtually resistant to drilling or cutting.
Treasury – this luxury safe model offers the Fort Knox AR500 3/16” steel liner as well as an additional stainless steel 10 gauge liner for added protection. The additional steel liner resists cutting torch attacks for ultimate protection.

No matter which model of Fort Knox home safe you decide to purchase, you can customize it to fit your needs. Some of the customization options include the overall size, exterior color and finish, locking mechanism, graphic styles and colors, hinge swing, interior layout and other specific options. As you go through the customization process on the Fort Knox vault builder, you can see exactly how much each feature will cost and receive a full cost estimate once you’ve created the perfect home safe for your needs.

Fort Knox wants to make home security easy and they do so by offering simple and customizable options to suit every need and budget. Whether you need a jewelry safe for home security or need to keep personal heirlooms, coin collections, gold and silver or important paper documents safe, Fort Knox has you covered. As you’re building your custom luxury safe, keep in mind everything you would put into it now and in the future. It’s always best to invest in one slightly larger than what you need now, and you can feel confident in doing so with the lifetime warranty offered by Fort Knox. Start the process of building your custom vault today with Fort Knox.

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