Sophisticated Safes for Home Security to Bring Peace of Mind During Times of Uncertainty and Economic Distress

Living in times of uncertainty and economic distress isn’t comfortable for anyone. Our natural instinct during these times is to find ways to protect what matters most to us, including our loved ones. As challenges continue to present themselves, it’s inevitable for crime to be on the rise. Having a home security safe can bring peace of mind to residents as they can lock up their most valuable items and documents. Home safes have a high fire rating and excellent theft protection so people can feel confident their items are secure. 


Why A Home Safe Is Important


A home safe helps protect precious property, sensitive items and important documents from natural disasters, theft and fire. Items commonly placed in a residential security container include birth certificates, social security cards, vaccine records, tax returns, family heirlooms, photographs, jewelry, cash, collections, external hard drives and much more. The benefit of keeping these items in a home safe rather than an off-site security box is that the owner has 24/7 access to the items. Many times the items placed in a home safe don’t have to be accessed frequently, but it is convenient to have them easily available for daily use if needed. Above all else, a residential security safe provides peace of mind during troubling times and unrest.


Things To Consider When Buying A Safe


When planning to purchase a residential security container of any kind, it’s important to consider the specifications of the item itself, as well as what contents will be put in it and where the safe will be stored. The most important things to consider include:


  • Size – what space is available in the area where the home safe will go? Take measurements of the desired location and compare them to the home security safe under consideration. Be sure to get the internal dimensions of the safe as well to confirm that it’s large enough to hold the items intended to go in it. 
  • Weight – a home safe is typically very heavy, which is a form of theft protection itself since thieves can’t easily take it. There is no one place to put a safe as every home is different but consider the weight of the safe and the structure of your home. Many people put their home safe in their basement on a cement slab or in a closet to be out of sight, yet readily accessible.
  • Fire Protection – a house fire can easily get up to 1,200° Fahrenheit or hotter. The best home safe will have fire protection of at least 90 minutes and no lower than 1,200°. A Fort Knox fire-resistant safe can include fire protection of up to 120 minutes and up to 1,680°. 
  • Contents – think diligently about the contents that will go into the safe. If file-size drawers are needed to keep documents organized, then customize the safe to ensure they are included. If water damage is a concern, store documents in a water-proof container. If purchasing a safe to be used for documents, valuable, and firearms, be sure the necessary accessories are in the safe to keep guns upright and secured.
  • Location – choose the desired location in the home to place the home safe ahead of time and ensure it works for the specific needs. Look for a place in your home with a strong foundation, like concrete, that will be able to support the weight of the safe in case of natural disaster or fire. If your home has multiple levels, it is best to keep your home safe on the ground level for maximum protection. Look for an area at the corner of your home where two outside walls meet. In the case of burglary, consider placing the safe in a closet or low-traffic area that is still easily accessible. Though the garage may seem like the best fit for your home safe, consider the disadvantages. Residential garages are often the least secure part of your home as they can be left open or unlocked and can be accessed with little disturbance to you and your family. When placed in a garage, a home safe is visible every time you open your door and can catch the eye of intruders. Garages are also one of the main areas fires originate due to gas leaks and other flammable chemicals. If you do choose to store your home safe in your garage, make sure that it is out of view when your garage door is open and that you store flammable substances safely away from the safe.
  • Locking Mechanism – the home security safe selected will only be as secure as the locking mechanism included with it. The safe should have locking bolts with a combination lock to open the safe. Any lock box should be strong enough to not allow thieves to break into them and even deter them from trying.


Protect Your Valuables From Fire And Theft


A house fire or an act of theft are two things that are always possible but are still unexpected when they happen. Be prepared for either of them with a high-quality fire-resist safe. No one knows how they will react to a house fire until it’s imminent, and then it’s usually a scramble to locate their most precious possessions. When a lot of those items are confined in a home security safe with a high fire-resistance rating, there’s a certain level of peace of mind people can have.


When it comes to theft, potential thieves usually want to get in and out of the house as quickly as possible. They will go through common items like jewelry boxes, drawers, cabinets and other areas where valuables are usually stored. But they will rarely try to break into a residential security safe because their chances of succeeding are low. Burglars also often target specific areas of your home like your master bedroom. If you feel most comfortable keeping your safe in your master bedroom, consider concealing it in closet or keep it a more inconspicuous part of your home. 


Understand The Fort Knox Difference


The number one goal of a home security safe is to keep important valuables secure. This is where Fort Knox goes above and beyond industry standards to stand out among the competition. Fort Knox manufactures 100% of their safes in America and the high-quality workmanship is guaranteed for life. Every product purchased from Fort Knox is backed by their lifetime warranty, which includes material and workmanship defects, incidental damage protection and even damage due to unlawful forced entry attempts. Luxury features are also available, including vault drawer systems, high gloss finishes, velvet customizable tray configurations, fabric-lined doors, vanity mirrors and more. 


Start the process of building and customizing your home security safe today. And feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions along the way.

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