6 Best Kept Home Protection Practices

Your home is your safe place and that safety should never be compromised. However, if you have experienced a burglary or have had your home security come into question in any way, you may lose some of that sense of security. Being proactive with home protection practices is important, but too many people wait until a break-in occurs before they prioritize home security. People are often surprised when they hear the statistic that four burglaries occur every minute of the day in the United States. Get ahead of any potential burglars and consider incorporating these best-kept home security strategies.

1. Light Up Your Home Landscape

Thieves love darkness. They don’t want to be seen walking suspiciously in a well-lit area. Having a porch light is great, but consider including lights around the rest of your home as well. Solar lights are great since you don’t have to worry about electrical cords and they can be aesthetically pleasing. Take a walk around the perimeter of your home when it’s dark and see what areas could be brightened.

2. Install A Security Camera Or Entire System

Too many people wait until their security has been compromised to invest in a security camera or system. An alarm system today can be as simple as an individual camera at your exterior doors or could be sophisticated enough to view every square inch of your property. You can integrate some security systems with your existing smart home technology for ultimate convenience and peace of mind. One underrated aspect about owning a home security system sometimes is simply having a sign out in your front yard that indicates your home is protected is enough to deter a thief from trying to enter your property.

3. Always Check Window And Door Locks

Life is busy and it can sometimes get so frantic that it’s easy to overlook the little things like locking your doors and windows. When you go through the front door to unload groceries, remember to go back and lock it. And if you have a window open to get some fresh air flowing in your house, close it back up and ensure the window lock is latched when you are leaving or going to bed. Thieves thrive on easy access points, so eliminate these weak points as best you can.

4. Invest In A Quality Home Safe

A quality home safe can protect your precious property, important documents and sensitive items from theft, fire and other natural disasters. A security safe can come in many different sizes, whether you need a small one as a jewelry safe or a larger one to store important files. The idea is to keep the valuables you don’t access often safe and secure. These could include family heirlooms, social security cards, photographs, jewelry, collections and much more.

Firearms are also a desirable item when it comes to theft, so it’s critical to ensure they are stored and locked up securely. A gun safe is different from a home safe, so it’s important to have both if you have firearms. The gun safe will keep your firearms stored upright, are made from thicker steel than most home safes, have a sophisticated combination lock and locking mechanism, secure vault doors and more. And if you own a pistol, investing in a handgun safe or pistol box will protect the firearm from getting damaged and allow for safe storage. Both home safes and gun safes are beneficial for home security, so it’s important to keep them separate and not try to fit everything into one.

5. Secure Garage Codes

Many people enter their homes via their garage door. Clipping a garage door remote on your visor at all times is similar to leaving the keys to your home on the dashboard. A thief could easily break the vehicle window, steal the remote and enter your garage as they please. And if you use a garage door code to enter, never share the code with anyone you wouldn’t trust to be in your home without permission. It’s also a good practice to change the code every few months for ultimate security.

6. Ensure Your Wifi Network Is Secure

Cybercriminals can be just as dangerous as thieves that physically enter your home. They could hack into your Wifi connection to steal sensitive banking information, personal data and anything else they can access. Make your Wifi network is sophisticated and difficult to compromise by creating a complicated password, changing the network name, strengthening encryption, keeping firmware up to date and more.

Why A Home Safe Is A Great Investment

A home safe from Fort Knox is a great investment since it protects your most personal, valuable and irreplaceable items and will come with the highest fire resistance rating in the industry. Thieves tend to leave home safes in a vault room alone because they are too inconvenient to move and know their chances of entering are low. While it may not be possible or could be too inconvenient for you to keep all of your valuables in a safe vault, you can feel secure knowing the items in it are protected from theft and fire.

Fort Knox offers high-quality home safes so you can feel confident your most precious possessions are safe. Every vault is backed by the Fort Knox lifetime warranty, which even covers attempted unlawful forced entry. Boost your home protection today by beginning the process of building and customizing your home security safe.

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