3 Benefits of Having a Fire Resistant Vault

Over the last few years, fires have ravaged even the most unexpected locations. From the destruction of Notre Dame to the wildfires of California, few places seem safe from this hazard. While we all like to think that these situations will never happen to us, the day may come when you wish that you were more prepared.

Installing a fireproof vault in your home is one way that you can prepare for the unforeseen. It offers three crucial benefits that go well beyond its price tag. We’ve outlined the top three reasons to have a fireproof vault today.

1. Protection

fireproof vaults and safes

The main reason to get a fireproof vault is as protection. Once some things are lost they can never be remade or duplicated. Whether it’s a sentimental object or a valuable one, a fireproof safe will protect the object you hold most dear when you aren’t able to.

2. Peace of Mind

Even if a tragic event never occurs, a fireproof safe is still worth the money it takes to install. It gives you a sense of relief that helps you live life knowing that if something did happen, everything would be fine and accounted for.

This comfort will take effect as soon as you close the door on the safe and will last indefinitely. There are many things that money can’t buy, but peace of mind is not one of them.

3. Lower Insurance Rates

Did you know by adding extra protection to your valuable objects you can obtain lower insurance rates on them? It’s true! Insurance companies are all about minimizing their risk. If they are going to insure something they want to know that you’re going to take care of it.

That’s why when purchasing car insurance, they often ask about your history of oil changes and the number of miles you drive. A fireproof vault is your way of showing them that you are responsible. In turn, they’ll likely give you a lower rate on anything that’s insured insight the vault, saving you money.

Pros of Having the Inferno Shield in Your Vault

There are two parts of a fireproof vault that are crucial for it to function properly. The first is a dual activated thermal door seal. This stops the heat from traveling through the gaps in the door. It’s constructed with two different seals to give you maximum protection and can only be found on some of the newest safes.

The second part is an inferno shield. The benefits of getting an inferno shield in your vault are endless. It protects against some of the hottest natural fires and can withstand the heat for upwards of two hours.

For the safety conscientious these benefits cannot be overlooked.

If you’re looking for the best fireproof safes, made here in America, look no further than Fort Knox. Our latest technology gives you the highest level of protection a commercial vault can provide you. Contact us today to get started on your custom order.

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