Should I Install A Dehumidifier In My Gun Safe?

Should I Install A Dehumidifier In My Gun Safe? | Fort Knox


Every gun owner should prioritize protecting their firearms with a high-quality gun safe. A good gun safe will protect your guns from fire and theft, but might not prevent rust, corrosion, mold or mildew from developing on the guns or inside the safe. This is where a quality gun safe dehumidifier enters the picture. No matter where you live, dampness can slowly destroy your valuable firearms unless you take action. Opening the gun cabinet door allows moisture to enter and is trapped when you close the door. With a gun safe dehumidifier, you won’t have to worry about the long-term negative impacts of moisture on guns and you’ll be adding a valuable investment to your Fort Knox gun safe.


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How Humidity Affects Firearms

Humidity can wreak havoc on firearms and any other valuable you have in your gun vault. Every time you open the door, moisture can get trapped and slowly make your firearms rust or corrode to the point where permanent damage could occur if it’s not caught early enough. Some of the damage may be limited to aesthetics, but it could also negatively impact performance. And if you have any wooden components on your guns, there’s a higher chance that mold or mildew could develop. It’s particularly important to invest in a gun dehumidifier if you live in a humid climate, but even the slightest amount of humidity can damage your guns over time.


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Consider The Location Of Your Gun Safe

The location of your Fort Knox gun safe is an important consideration. If you place the gun safe in your home, the chances of moisture entering are less likely since your central air conditioning unit may remove some of the moisture from the air. However, many people keep their gun safe in the basement or garage, which can lead to moisture development inside the safe more easily. A quality gun dehumidifier is essential if you keep your gun safe in a location where humidity and moisture are present.


Differences Between Desiccant and Electric Dehumidifiers

Now that you know why it’s so important to use a dehumidifier in your gun safe, you should also know there are two main types to choose from: desiccant and electric. Both are effective in removing moisture from a gun safe, but the distinct characteristics of each include:

Desiccant dehumidifiers – these do not require electrical components and are available in many styles, shapes and options. They are often in the form of silica gel beads, which are designed to absorb moisture from a gun safe similar to how a sponge works. A desiccant dehumidifier is ideal for people on a budget, but the absorbent properties diminish over time so they will need to be replaced periodically.
Electric Dehumidifiers – these are the most commonly-used dehumidifiers for gun owners as they are the most effective options for moisture control. They come in various forms, but the idea is they use a heating element to remove excess moisture throughout the gun safe that a desiccant dehumidifier sometimes misses. Simply plug in the dehumidifier and have peace of mind knowing your vault is free of moisture and is not damaging any of the contents in the process.

While electric dehumidifiers are the popular choice for gun owners, a desiccant dehumidifier is better than not having one at all. Consider your budget, the contents of your gun vault and the size of your vault to help you select which dehumidifier is right for you.

Every Gun Owner Should Install A Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Too many gun owners make the mistake of thinking they don’t need a gun safe dehumidifier if they live in a climate with very little humidity. But even the slightest amount of humidity trapped inside a gun vault can cause damage to firearms and other valuables. For low-humidity environments, a desiccant humidifier may be sufficient as long as you change it out frequently to ensure it’s most effective. Otherwise, the vast majority of gun owners would benefit more from an electric or wireless gun dehumidifier.

Fort Knox Safes Offer Additional Features To Preserve And Protect Guns

The gun safes and vaults from Fort Knox offer industry-leading protection to keep your firearms and valuables safe from fires and thefts. Fort Knox also offers additional interior accessories to further protect and preserve your firearms as they are being stored. These include accessories like:

Pistol holders
Door organizers
Dehumidifier rod
Wireless dehumidifier
Cabinet inserts

Fort Knox gun dehumidifiers come standard with two of their gun vault models and can easily be selected as an optional feature in every other model. As you work your way through the Fort Knox custom gun vault builder, you can select the various options and features you want based on your needs. The luxury options offered are designed to make accessing your gun vault as convenient as possible, while also protecting your valuable possessions to the highest extent.

With every Fort Knox vault you purchase, you can guarantee the quality will live up to your expectations and each product is backed by their lifetime warranty. With industry-leading craftsmanship and quality, every component of the vault adds an additional layer of protection for your precious firearms. A gun dehumidifier is an essential feature to have in your gun vault, and it’s inexpensive when you think about the possible damage that could occur to your firearms without it, so be sure to add one to yours as you’re designing the perfect vault for your needs.

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