Tips on Choosing a Vault Room Door

Have you purchased a custom vault in the past, only to discover your collection of guns and other items have outgrown it? Or maybe you are in the market for your first vault and aren’t sure what size fits your needs. These concerns are more common than you think, and it’s one of the reasons why Fort Knox offers safe room doors to transform any room in your home into a walk in vault. If you have a spare room, unused basement or a room already used for storage, take it to the next level by protecting it with a quality home vault door.

Fort Knox Vault Door Features

A Fort Knox safe vault door is designed to look exactly like a standard gun vault steel door, but it’s used to enter into a room of your home. And as with the gun safes you can purchase from Fort Knox, the quality of their gun safe door options are guaranteed and unmatched in the industry, as well as exceeding the industry standard in fire resistance.

Both in-swing and out-swing doors are offered and you can customize everything from the exterior color to the locking mechanism, the graphic style, the hinge type, hinge swing options and more. If you’re transforming a room into a walk in vault room, then protecting the items in the room is essential. No matter the size of your room, Fort Knox has a residential vault door to work with your space.

In-Swing vs. Out-Swing Vault Doors

Deciding between an in-swing or an out-swing vault room door comes down to personal preference. Most of the time an out-swing vault door is chosen for smaller vault rooms so opening the door doesn’t take up valuable space. The benefit of an in-swing vault door is that it’s quicker and easier to enter the room if you are using it as a storm shelter or to protect yourself from a home intrusion. Many times residents get trapped in their safe room during a natural disaster because debris and other items are blocking the doorway. If you plan on using your walk-in vault for this purpose, an in-swing door is ideal since it can still be opened if blocked from the outside.

Why Choose A Vault Door?

Whether you’re an avid gun collector or just have a lot of personal items you need to keep safe, a vault door transforms any room into a large home safe or walk in gun room. You may also have a small jewelry safe, handgun safe, pistol box or similar safes that you want to keep out of sight. Gun safes tend to fill up faster than a gun collector thinks, and the last thing you want is to run out of storage space to protect your firearms, jewelry or other valuable items.

With a sophisticated locking mechanism on the Fort Knox vault doors, you can feel safe knowing children or guests cannot enter the room unless you provide them with specific instructions to do so. A custom vault door from Fort Knox is simple to install on rooms of any size and can provide homeowners with the ultimate peace of mind when protecting their valuables, and for providing a safe space to protect themselves in emergencies.

The safe room doors offered by Fort Knox are designed for security to protect your family and your valuable possessions. And the customization options available allow you to add security features and design the appearance that’s most attractive to you. Start the process of building and pricing your in-swing vault door or out-swing vault door today and you’ll be one step closer to protecting the things most important to you.

FB: Choosing a vault room door to transform a room in your home to a walk in safe can be beneficial in many ways. With the customization offered by Fort Knox, you can choose a vault door to give you a sense of security without compromising aesthetics.

Instagram: A vault room door is a great option for people with large collections or who want a safe room to protect themselves. These tips can help you choose the right one.

Meta: Purchasing a vault door rather than multiple safes may be an ideal option for some people. Here’s what you need to know when choosing one.

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