Securing Your Home Vault’s Security Code

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A recent news story reported that the musician Prince has a massive vault in his mansion where he stores unreleased music. And yet despite the incredible protection that would seemingly provide, some of his music has still been leaked to the public over the years. The reason: associates believe he provided his security code to too many individuals.

When it comes to protecting personal items, many invest in a home vault to ensure their most valuable items are safe from thieves, fire, and other hazards. And while not everyone will need a massive vault room, there are still plenty of items that an average home owner can protect in a smaller gun safe.

But all that physical protection does little good if the vault’s security code is easily discovered or (like in the case of Prince) too many people have access to it. This is why choosing a good security code and then keeping that code secure is so important.

When it comes to choosing a good security code for your home vault, don’t use a code that is easily guessed (such as “1-2-3-4” or a wedding anniversary date). A random combination of numbers is usually your best bet.

Even more importantly, don’t give out your security code to a large number of people. If you must share your code at all, only share it with someone extremely trustworthy (such as a spouse). This ensures your home vault’s security code—and its contents—will be safe for a long time to come.

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