Things to consider when it comes to Fire Protection

When someone is in the process of shopping for a gun safe, fire protection is usually one of the main features looked for. This can often be a cloudy subject though, and many manufacturers aren’t always upfront with their customers about the true nature of their brand’s fire protection.

Because there is no industry standardized fire testing, the responsibility and power of testing is left to each individual manufacturer. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to create fire tests that tip the odds in their favor allowing them to make claims about their safes that aren’t always what they seem. Even if the manufacturer claims to have an independent testing company test their safes, chances are, the manufacturer has given the testing company specific testing instructions to adhere to.

While shopping for a safe, look for information regarding the testing procedures of the manufacturer. The more transparent they are the better. The manufacturer should be open about what goes into their safe’s construction as well as their specific testing strategies. Don’t be fooled by large, seemingly technical words some manufacturers use to side step key information. Explanations should be simple and easy to understand. Information is especially hard to attain when shopping at a big box store. Chances are, information will be minimal in these settings and a lot of questions may go unanswered.

When it comes to buying a safe, an educated buyer will end up with the best safe. It is worth spending some time researching manufacturers and specific safe models to guarantee the safety of whatever keepsakes you plan to protect.

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