Electronic Lock Retro Fit Kit

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Direct replacement for most mechanical locks.

  • 9 user lock.
  • Fast and simple to use for easy safe access.
  • All Combination changes and programming are easily made at keypad.
  • Uses two (2), 9V Alkaline batteries -Duracell® recommended. (E-Z keypad uses (1) 9V battery.)
  • Keypad feedback with beep and LED flash.
  • Multiple users. 1 Master User and 8 standard users.
  • Programmable Time Delay.
  • Motor driven bolt.
  • Wrong combination try penalty.
  • Internal Locker.
  • U.L. Type 1 listed.




Electronic Lock Retro Fit Kit


Electronic Lock Retro Kit upgrades your dial lock to a quick and convenient keypad entry. Come in GOLD, CHROME or BLACK CHROME

Easy to use– Just enter your personal six-digit code

  • Easy to program- There is no need for additional tools, programming boxes, or disassembly of your lock or safe.
  • Control access- assign up to 8 employee access codes
  • Time-delay opening and control- program delay up to 0 minutes
  • Protects against random dialing- 4 wrong codes in a row, auto shutdown 5 mins.
  • Fits new and existing safes- easily replace the lock on an existing safe
  • Over 8000 openings between battery changes- two std 9-volt alkaline batteries


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

Safe, Vault Door