The Importance of a Dehumidifier for a Gun Safe’s Content

Most rifle brandishing people already know that any gun safe worth its salt is going to come fully-equipped with ample gun configuration capabilities, stainless steel components, and a reinforced fire door, but most are entirely unaware of the importance of having a properly-installed dehumidifier within the safe’s interior.

Generally offered as either an electric rod or mountable desiccant, dehumidifiers are vital in that they keep undetectable moisture from quickly and stealthily destroying your precious, seemingly well-protected valuables

As stated by, “Metal has a nasty habit of rusting or corroding if exposed to moisture for too long. Since, your guns and the safe itself are metal for the most part, you are sure to witness paint chippings, rusting and deformation over time if you don’t use a dehumidifier. Moisture can also get deep inside the crevices of a safe causing it to rust from the inside. Not only does it reduce the lifespan of your safe but also gives it a stale stench that grows in intensity over time.”

We at Fort Knox offer a variety of effective, affordable dehumidifiers for gun safe owners all over the country, which work tirelessly — day in and day out — against a gun safe’s silent enemy: moisture.

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