Tips for Storing Ammunition


Everyone knows that without ammunition, your firearm might as well be a brick. And for those who love to hunt, there could perhaps be few things worse than discovering that you are either completely out of ammo or that the ammunition you’ve been storing has become corroded and useless. Knowing how to store ammo properly is just as important as knowing how to store your guns. These three main tips can keep your ammunition functioning for years. 

Tip #1: Avoid Heat

Increase the lifespan of your ammunition by storing all rounds in a cool environment. High temperatures can degrade the quality of gunpowder and priming mixture inside your ammunition stocks, making even the most expensive ammunition ineffective, or worse, unpredictable. 

In the event of a fire, invest in a Fort Knox fire-resistant safe for storing your ammunition, decreasing the chance of damage or explosions in the case of a house fire.

Tip #2: Keep It Dry

One of the major threats to the quality of your ammunition is the chance of water damage. When exposed to water or high humidity, the outer shells of metal rounds can corrode and become unsafe to shoot. Using degraded ammo can lead to misfires and accidents when shooting, damaging firearms and potentially causing injuries. 

In addition to controlling temperature, fire-resistant safes can also provide humidity regulation.  For more control over humidity levels or for added peace of mind, a dehumidifier can be added to ammunition storage spaces. Fort Knox offers two options, a reusable mini dehumidifier that absorbs moisture or a dehumidifying electric rod that maintains circulation inside vaults to prevent moisture or mildew building. 

Tip #3 Secure Your Stock

This last tip may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we can forget to do the basics. Make sure that all ammunition is stored separately from firearms and secured in a lockable location. Having a secure location for your ammunition decreases the chance of accidents happening and increases the overall safety of your home and the people you love. 

Your needs when creating your safe storage location may vary. That’s why Fort Knox specializes in customized safes, tailor-made for your situation. Check out all your options with our online vault builder and get a quote today for your personalized safe. 

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