Fort Knox: the Cadillac of Gun Safes

For many years, people have always sought after owning a Cadillac. They’ve been known as the cream of the crop, a symbol of success and a nice life. They’re notorious for their sturdy build, glistening appearance and dependability.

Much like one of these fancy cars, Fort Knox gun safes are notorious for their superior build, top of the line protection and their lifetime warranties. It’s no wonder Fort Knox has become known as the Cadillac of gun safes.

The reasoning for this is fairly obvious, with their high-class material, great reputation and variety of safes for everyone to choose from, it’s no surprise Fort Knox has stolen the gun safe show. On top of all of that, the lifetime warranties that come with every safe, and the impeccable construction makes it extremely hard for the company to not be at the top of its class.

Fort Knox has always prided itself on being an American made company. For more than 30 years, people have chosen a Fort Knox gun safe to fit all of their needs. While the company may be named after the most notorious security symbol in the United States, Fort Knox has built its own reputation and earned its “Cadillac of gun safes” title fair and square.

By maintaining an American made company, Fort Knox is able to offer its loyal customers superior service and products. Each and every safe manufactured by the company comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty doesn’t just protect the basics, either. Rather, it covers all the bases and then some. The warranty includes everything from burglary and fire to locks and paint. It’s the most all-inclusive lifetime warranty in the business.

Along with the superior warranties Fort Knox offers, the company also offers quality. Every piece of material that goes into making a Fort Knox safe is the best of the best. From the carpeting to the door hinges, nothing goes unnoticed or is skipped out on with Fort Knox. Gun safe owners can trust that their safe was built with only the highest quality materials available.

To earn the title of the Cadillac of gun safes, a company has to work hard. For more than three decades, Fort Knox has gone above and beyond to offer only the best to its clients. With customizable safes and countless upgrades, there really is a Fort Knox safe for everyone.

But, perhaps the best part about Fort Knox safes is that they won’t cost an arm and a leg. As Bill Seaworth, a Fort Knox seller, once put it, Fort Knox is the “Cadillac of safes for an Oldsmobile price.”

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