Surprising Usage for Gun Safes

Here at Fort Knox, we are dedicated to producing a top-notch, quality gun safe perfect for you. You can select your safe from a variety of choices and customize your safe to suit your needs. There are many uses for gun safes in today’s world; in fact, gun storage is just a fraction of the possibilities for you and your safe.

Many people use our vaults as storage for important, irreplaceable documents. Birth certificates, passports, insurance papers and other vital legal paperwork are ideal for secure storage in a reliable vault. Other people have used our safes for decoration in a room — whether openly as a status symbol or hidden within an armoire or other piece of furniture.

Besides firearm storage, you can also use your Fort Knox vault for storing valuable family heirlooms. The climate-controlled air inside the vault is ideal for preserving antique fabrics and protecting irreplaceable jewelry from thieves or accident-prone children. A gun safe is an important thing to have for anyone brandishing a firearm.

A popular use for our safes is for holding cash. This is a great storage place for a few extra hundred dollars because it’s protected and you have personal access to it at all times. If there’s any reason you need cash and the bank is closed, you have your money right where you want it and when need it.


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