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With so many steel options, you can design your own security level.

By adding additional layers of steel you are increasing the tensile strength of the vault, making it stronger and more resistant to attacks. Fort Knox gives you multiple ways to construct your handmade vault to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Create your vault with a heavier steel body with a Vault Body Upgrade or increase the level of security with both the vault body and door with the Deluxe Package.

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Deluxe Package


Increasing both the steel thickness in the body of the vault as well as the door creates a more secure vault. The Deluxe Package is one of our most popular options and creates an unmatched steel barrier. Increase the steel in your vault door and vault body up to a Level 3 Deluxe Package with Fort Knox.

Build & Price Your Vault

Inner Steel Liner


For added security and maximum protection, Fort Knox offers an option for additional security levels to line the inner walls of your vault. Between Level 1 and Level 4 security can be added to create additional barriers for any burglar trying to breach the inside of the vault. The industry leading security becomes unmatched with the Inner Steel Liner.

Vault Body Upgrades


Your vault is the last line of defense for your valuables. With your Fort Knox vault you can now increase the steel thickness of the vault body up to a category 2 or 3 rated steel body! For the most protection, make sure that your vault has the Fort Knox Body Upgrade.

Stainless Steel


The stainless steel package reinforces the body and door of the vault with a 10-gauge stainless steel barrier for optimum protection against a torch attack.  Standard on Legend Series.

Build & Price Your Vault


YOUR VAULT CAN BE UPGRADED to a Level 3 rated ballistic vault. Three times harder than regular steel, the heavy 7-gauge ArmaKnox AR 500 steel gives the vault the ability to withstand 3 shots from a .44 magnum pistol.