Why Your Safe Material Matters More Than You Think

When investing in a safe, it’s important your purchase is built with the highest quality materials available. After all, safes are where we often keep some of our most valuable possessions. One of the most important materials to consider when deciding is the fire-resistant material used. In the event of a fire, how well your safe is protected can be the barrier between your valuables and irreparable damage.

Not All Materials Are Created Equal What Is Protecting Your Valuables?

Fire-resistant materials in a safe will normally be made out of two different types of gypsum drywall, Type X or Type C. Now, you might be thinking “drywall, the stuff my walls are made out of?” and you’d be right. Gypsum plaster, the core material for drywall, is made from a naturally-occurring mineral and has fire-resistant qualities. When gypsum reaches a certain temperature, small amounts of water within the minerals cause a chemical reaction, releasing steam that helps prevent heat transmission and decreases the chance of fire-related damage. 

Type X and Type C drywall panels are especially useful when it comes to fire protection. Special additives are included in the drywall that raises the temperature the drywall can withstand, increasing the effectiveness of the fireproofing materials. 

Benefits of Upgrading to Type C

Fort Knox uses Type C gypsum board to line and protect your safe. But if both drywall types have the benefit of additives, why does it matter? Since a home safe is where many people store treasured and important items — such as pictures, documents, family mementos — you deserve the best quality protection you can get. Type C gypsum board contains more additives, including additional glass fiber reinforcement and vermiculite components, than normal gypsum drywall or Type X. The additional material boosts Type C drywall’s effectiveness, giving your fire-resistant safe a longer lifespan in the event of a fire. While Type X protects against fire for a minimum of an hour, Type C offers protection double and sometimes triple, lasting 2-4 hours. 

Protection Only Fort Knox Can Provide

With a Fort Knox fire protection safe, you’ll get the optimal endurance of Type C drywall with the option to upgrade for more security. Our safes come with two different options: the Inferno Shield 90 and the Inferno Shield 120. With the Inferno Shield 90, your valuables will be protected on all six sides with Type C fireboard insulation. This system has been tested to keep the temperature within the safe under 350 degrees. Adding additional panels of fireboard with an upgrade to the Inferno Shield 120 will give your safe a fire rating that only commercial safes use. 

Fort Knox understands the importance of safety and security. Don’t be caught unprepared in the case of a fire emergency. Contact Fort Knox today to upgrade to a fire resistant safe with the ultimate protection on the market.

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