What To Do If Firearms Are Stolen

Owning a gun can give you a great sense of responsibility. An important part of gun ownership is securing your gun from unauthorized users. Simply placing your gun in a soft-case under your bed or in your closet doesn’t do much if someone breaks into your home. The same goes for storing your pistol under the seat of your vehicle. Gun theft is a major problem in the United States, and we’ve gone over what to do if your gun gets stolen.

How To Report A Firearm Stolen

The first thing you must do immediately upon noticing your firearm is missing is to contact the appropriate authorities. Local law enforcement should be your first phone call to provide them a detailed description of the gun as well as the serial number. Then, you’ll need to contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosives and provide the same information, along with anything else they might need, but keep in mind that ATF doesn’t take reports of stolen firearms from private citizens. If you delay making these calls and your stolen gun is used in a crime, law enforcement could link you to the crime since the gun is registered in your name and not reported stolen.

File An Insurance Claim

Assuming you have insurance on your firearm, you should report the gun theft to your insurance provider as well. A properly structured homeowners policy could result in a full or partial compensation claim of a stolen firearm, but you’ll still want to check with your specific policy and provider. You might be able to receive a check for a full replacement of your gun or at least a significant partial replacement.

Call Or Visit Local Gun Dealers Or Pawn Shops

Once your stolen firearm has been properly reported to authorities, you can try looking for the gun yourself. Many thieves will attempt to sell the stolen gun as quickly as possible, so the first places to check are local gun dealers or pawn shops. These places might not have purchased the stolen gun from the thief, but they might be able to tell you if someone came in with the gun to try to sell it. If it sounds like the thief entered the store, surveillance camera tapes can be reviewed to try to identify the person and help law enforcement find them.

Prevent Future Firearm Theft With A Quality Safe

Whether your gun was stolen from your home, vehicle, or anywhere else, investing in a quality gun safe could have prevented it from happening. Fort Knox gun safes are the gold standard in the industry by using additional layers of steel to make it stronger and less likely for someone to break in. Fort Knox pistol boxes provide medium security combined with ease of access at home or in your vehicle. The push button dial locks are more secure than keyed locks.

You have a responsibility to yourself to protect your firearms as much as possible, so check out the Fort Knox custom vault builder and design your gun safe or pick up a pistol box today.

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