5 Stories about Weird Things People Have Put in Safes

Your safe is designed with protection in mind. Protection for your valued items, protection from the storms and circumstances of life. That’s why Fort Knox provides a lifetime warranty in order to keep your safe in tip-top shape.

In a previous post, we’ve reviewed weird and wise things you can safely store. 

However, many find that safes are also good storage units and there have been numerous, intriguing stories of weird things people have stored in safes. Here are five stories that will surprise you.

1. Nothing

As time has progressed, many old safes have commonly been found behind walls, in basements or been used as a table of sorts but never opened. There are people around the world who enjoy safe-cracking and the act of treasure hunting for safes that might have piles of money inside.

More often than not, nothing is found inside but a bunch of cobwebs and dust.   

2. Live Grenades and Goo

It might sound funny, but Ranker shares two separate stories where safes contained questionable and dangerous items within their walls. 

A woman purchased a safe off of Craigslist from a man who said his ex-tenants were taken to prison. She opened the safe to find a live grenade inside among other items. She must have been shocked and a little scared!

Another safe was opened in Washington D.C. in 2015 to find a “suspicious syrupy substance.” The fire department, U.S. Secret Service officials and an Army explosives team came to identify the material to make sure it truly was “goo” and not a liquid bomb of some sort. For the record — the substance wasn’t positively identified, but reacted with water and made quite the scare.

3. People

Believe it or not, there are many stories where people are found in safes.

One story, fortunately, has a happier ending. In 2015, an infant was locked in a hotel safe in Niagara Falls, Canada, while unsupervised children were playing hide and seek. HuffPost reported the parents called hotel employees who unlocked the safe. It’s estimated the child was inside for 30 minutes. The door opened to a crying baby who thankfully was as safe as could be for such a situation.

Make sure you put your safe in a secure location away from children.

4. Pictures of Ted Bundy

A Colorado newspaper office had a 40-year-old safe being used mainly as a table. After stacking papers on top for so long, the staff thought to try opening the safe and see what had been at the center of their office, quite literally. 

Cash and documents were found. However, the odd and most noteworthy finding was the negatives of photos — photos taken of Ted Bundy before his trial in 1977. Preserved in the dark, controlled atmosphere, the safe was perfect protection against normal weathering. The photos, on the other hand, are worrisome as it shows Ted Bundy grinning while being led to the trial.

5. Liquor, money, a blue book and a bingo card

Our final story of weird things found in safes comes from a couple renovating their home and featured on Did You Know. The couple had previously found a safe code in a medicine cabinet and didn’t know what it belonged to. After they pulled out the kitchen island, they found the safe built into the floor. The code matched and worked to open the safe. 

Under the floor, the safe revealed cash, a rare 1960 bottle of James E. Pepper (inventor of the old-fashioned), an old bingo card and a blue book. 

The blue book, titled “A Guide for the Perplexed.” The book gave clues on pages 1, 7, 11 and 14 to what appeared to be a treasure hunt of sorts with maps, pictures and underlined passages. What was it leading to? It was never determined.

What’s in Your Safe?

So, while every person decides what is valuable to them and what to store in their own safe, Fort Knox is committed to providing customized solutions to help you keep your valuables protected. No matter the length of time! 

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