The Importance of Anchoring Your Safe

Keeping your custom gun securely anchored is just as important as protecting the contents within the safe. We’ve previously discussed the best places to put your gun safe, and that definitely ties into what will be touched upon here. No matter what kind of possessions you store in your vault, anchoring it is crucial in preventing unnecessary risks for you and your family.

Why do you need to anchor your safe? 

As we alluded to in the previous paragraph, anchoring your gun safe is important for a multitude of reasons. Since Fort Knox’s custom gun safes are incredibly heavy, it could cause serious injury or damage if tipped over.

 Also, having your safe secured is an important preventative tool against burglars. Would-be thieves could try and tip the safe on its back to try and pry open the door or drill for weak-points. Securely anchoring your vault to the floor can make this nearly impossible for potential intruders and thieves. 

The best way to keep your safe from tipping

The best way to keep your custom gun safe stable is to anchor it to the floor. Not only can a gun safe cause damage to you or your loved ones if tipped over, it can also cause damage to the floors and walls of the room it’s stored in. The best way to protect your home and loved ones from accidents involving a tipped safe is to secure your safe to the floor.

You can choose to add on an anchoring kit when you order your custom gun safe. You can also buy an anchoring kit at a hardware store if need be. When preparing to secure your safe, the weight of the safe as well as the type of floor you’re anchoring the safe to are factors that need to be considered prior to the installation process. Fort Knox Vaults also has carpeted pedestals available if that’s what you’d prefer. If you feel uncomfortable with installing your custom gun safe by yourself, please consult an expert for help.

What makes up a floor and subfloor?

You may not know this, but the floor in your home has multiple layers that are made of different materials. For example, your subfloor, which is the layer right under the finished floor, can be made of plywood, orientated strand board or foam/cork padding. Your finished floor could be made up of hardwood, tile or laminate. Flooring can also be made of concrete or be covered with carpeting. Knowing what kind of flooring your home has is crucial to knowing what type of anchoring kit to use to keep your safe secure with minimal damage to your home.

How to anchor through softer and harder materials

As previously mentioned, knowing what types of flooring you have is vital in deciding how to anchor your custom gun safe. For example, you can’t bolt a safe to tile flooring because that could put too much pressure on the tile and break it. Different flooring types require different anchoring kits, so be sure to pick the one that’s right for your situation. For harder floors like concrete, you may need to hammer in the bolts before screwing them in.


Anchoring your gun safe is a necessity for protecting it as well as your belongings. Having a safe secured to the floor makes it harder for thieves to break into the safe in addition to preventing the safe from tipping or being knocked over and hurting someone. Build and price your custom Fort Knox gun safe today and get it safely installed in your home.

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