Surprising Uses For Gun Safes

One of the most important investments a gun owner can make is owning a quality gun safe. Fort Knox is the industry leader in providing the highest quality gun safes to consumers to give people peace of mind that their firearms are protected from theft, fire and unauthorized access users. What many might not realize is you can also put several other items in your gun safe. With a robust fire rating and strong steel, your most valuable possessions are safe in a gun safe. We’ve discussed some of the most common items to put in a safe at your home.


Protect Your Most Valuable Possessions In A Fort Knox Safe


While Fort Knox takes great pride in producing the highest quality safes designed for guns, we also love hearing when people keep their most valuable possessions secure in them as well. Every Fort Knox vault is climate controlled, which could ensure sensitive papers or certificates may be preserved in their original forms depending on the severity and type of potential fire or natural disaster. You can also have peace of mind keeping your possessions in a Fort Knox safe because of the industry-leading fire protection. The deep bend box, high-grade UL listed fireboard and fire seal combine to provide fire protection at 1,680°F in 90 minutes.


Items To Put In A Safe


Everything from irreplaceable photos, birth certificates, social security cards, cash, passports, legal paperwork and anything else can be kept in a reliable Fort Knox vault. Jewelry, family heirlooms, antique fabrics and other precious items are also commonly kept in a home safe. Not only will these items be protected from fire or theft, but they will also be inaccessible to children or other unauthorized people.


A Safe Can Be A Welcome Addition To Any Room


Fort Knox safes for guns and valuables can be customized to look great in virtually any room. Some people like to keep their gun safe out of sight, that way there’s no temptation for unauthorized people to try to enter it. Others like to showcase their gun safe and make it fit with the decor of their home. There’s no right or wrong answer to where you decide to put it, and you can customize it to fit your space no matter how unique it is.

When you visit the Fort Knox website, you can choose from various models of gun safes. From there, you can customize it to your liking, including finding the perfect interior layout, whether you want additional shelving, extra steel reinforcement and much more. Think about everything you might want to put in the gun safe now, and in the future, and it will help you design the perfect safe. Check out the Fort Knox custom vault builder today and see how easy it is to protect your most valuable possessions.

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