Supply Chain: American Made vs Import — Why American Made Matters

The many supply chain concerns that have been discussed in the last year are not something Fort Knox customers need to worry about.

Fort Knox takes pride in the fact that its safes are made in the United States of America. Purchasing American-made safes and vaults rather than depending on imports has a lot of different advantages. 

Advantages of American-made Products

Manufacturing within the U.S. brings greater quality control over materials. Fort Knox uses premium materials to create the highest-quality products for each and every customer. 

American-made vaults and safes also bring a higher level of trust for customers. Fort Knox monitors and tightly controls the craftsmanship and quality of every product; therefore, giving you peace of mind that your safe or vault is unequaled in quality. This is why Fort Knox can confidently offer a true, comprehensive lifetime warranty including the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault.

Another advantage is that by purchasing a safe made in America, you are putting money back into American families. Your support of an American business making American-made safes helps us continue to produce products for customers to come.

The Risk of Ordering Imported Products

The risk of ordering imported products is important to address. Many American companies focus manufacturing operations in other nations. This choice brings supply chain concerns that are prevalent today. 

Longer fulfillment times are given to customers for products with imported pieces that need to accommodate longer shipment times because the product or parts have to travel overseas. The traceability of a product and its parts becomes harder the more countries are involved. These situations may indicate package labels such as “Made in the USA from imported parts,” “Assembled in the United States” and more.

These labels resulting from production brings a company’s efficacy into question. Not only is it unknown where the product or its part came from but also the unknown factor of how it was made. With some imported products, toxic chemicals are used in paint, fire protection materials and wood that can cause discomfort or health problems to customers without knowing it. Understanding the primary source of product parts is important to Fort Knox.

Choose Fort Knox 

By choosing Fort Knox, customers confidently know each product is made in the United States using premium materials producing high-quality work unmatched by others. All done to help you store and protect your firearms, coin collections, photos and other valuables in life. 

Individuals will find exactly what they desire at Fort Knox and your support of an American business helps us continue fueling the American Dream. 

Contact Fort Knox today to learn more about our American-made vaults and safes.


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