Replace Batteries In Your Electronic Gun Safe Keypad To Keep Your Firearms Accessible

Safety and security are the top reasons why gun owners choose to invest in a quality gun safe with a strong locking mechanism. As the owner of a Fort Knox gun safe, you have one of the highest quality gun safes compared to anything you can find in the world. Everything from the construction materials to the workmanship and even the gun safe accessories go through a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure the quality of each safe lives up to the highest standards. 

One of the things you may be wondering about regarding your gun safe is how to change the batteries in your electronic keypad lock. Whether the batteries were already installed when you received your gun safe or if someone else installed them initially for you, the good news is replacing them is a simple process. This guide can help you figure out how to replace the batteries, when you should replace them, and other tips for maintaining your gun safe.


Replacing Batteries In Your Keypad Is Simple


Your gun safe keypad is what allows you to get into your gun safe. So if it’s not working properly, then you may not be able to access your firearms when you need them. Fortunately, the electronic keypad lock you get with every Fort Knox vault is extremely reliable, and the only maintenance you should ever have to do is to change the batteries. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1 

Remove the keypad from the mounting base by simply pulling the bottom of the keypad housing away from the base. Be sure to support the keypad housing so the wires are not stressed or pulled. Do not let the keypad hang from its wires.

Step 2 

Remove both batteries from the bottom of the keypad. For best results, grasp the bottom of a battery and pull it away from the keypad circuit board gently. Refrain from using any type of tool to pry a battery from its holder.

Step 3 

Install new batteries by pushing them gently into the battery connectors. Be sure to support the connectors so they don’t get bent as you insert the batteries. Pay close attention to battery polarity so it doesn’t get forced backward and damage a connector as a result. 

Step 4 

Hold the keypad housing close to the mounting base and coil any excess wire inside the housing. Position the wire away from the spring clips.

Step 5 

Align the spring clips with the receptacles in the base. Push the keypad housing back onto its mounting base using steady pressure. Be careful so any wires aren’t damaged by coming in contact with the spring clips. When installed properly, the keypad housing will snap into place securely on the base.

Step 6 

Check the master code and all other user codes at least three times with the safe door open. Once you confirm that the lock is operating properly, close the safe door.

It’s important to note that only one 9-Volt alkaline battery can be used instead of two, but it is recommended to only use one in emergency conditions when a second replacement battery is not available. A single battery will not harm the lock, but it’s best to use two batteries for proper operation.


How Often Should You Replace The Batteries?


Some people choose to wait until they can no longer open their gun safe before changing the batteries. This strategy is good for getting the most out of your battery life, but it can be inconvenient as well. You don’t want to be put in a situation where you urgently need to access your firearms for some reason and are unable to because the batteries are dead in the electronic keypad lock. Then you have to scramble around in your house to find new batteries, or even worse, have to go to the store to buy some.

Instead, a good rule of thumb would be to change out the batteries every year to ensure the gun safe keypad will work when you need it. It’s recommended to use quality brands like Duracell Coppertop batteries so you can have peace of mind knowing you can depend on the batteries to work when you need them most. The electronic keypad lock requires two 9V batteries, so it’s an inexpensive annual maintenance routine to get in the habit of to ensure your gun safe is always working properly.


Why The Locking System Should Always Be Working Properly


You never know when you’ll need quick access to your firearms. Whether a friend has called you to meet them at a shooting range for target practice or if an intruder is threatening you, having immediate access to your gun safe is critical. In addition to security, the ability to quickly access guns is a top reason why gun safe owners choose an electronic door lock in the first place instead of having a key. With keyless door locks, you don’t have to keep up with yet another key and simply have to remember a short code, and you can have peace of mind knowing the electronic deadbolt is keeping your firearms secure. It’s the last line of defense to protect your firearms from a potential intruder, so protecting and maintaining the smart lock is important to keep in mind.


Keep Up With Maintaining Your Gun Safe


Changing the batteries in your electronic keypad lock before they die is one of the easiest preventive maintenance steps to help secure your firearms. Another reason why you should ensure the batteries are working at all times is if you need to get your guns out in the event of a house fire. Fort Knox gun safes are fire resistant and have the top fire rating in the industry, but you still may want to retrieve your firearms or other sensitive documents you may be storing in the safe. In urgent situations like these, every second matters, and even though it may only take a couple of minutes to locate new batteries and replace them in your gun safe keypad, it’s a hassle you don’t want to have to deal with in the moment.

Fort Knox Vaults stands behind every gun safe they manufacture and back each product with a lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty even covers the electronic keypad lock, in the rare event that it malfunctions. The good news is simply changing out the batteries is usually all that’s required if it’s taken care of well otherwise. We hope this quick guide helped you figure out how to replace the batteries in your electronic keypad and provided some insight into why it’s essential to change the batteries out routinely. If you have any other questions about replacing the batteries in your keypad, contact Fort Knox today.

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