Picking the Right Size Safe For Your Needs

Everyone wants to protect their belongings and important possessions but choosing the right type of protection can be difficult. Do you need a small, compact safe or a vault door to create a large walk-in vault? Maybe you want the convenience of a safe that goes with you on your travels? With Fort Knox, choosing the right safe size is simple and easy. With our American-made products, we’ll make sure you’ve got peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in the highest quality protection available.

Pistol and Controlled Access Box a.k.a CAB boxes

In terms of convenience and size, nothing can beat a Fort Knox pistol box. Store your weapon safely on the road, out at a campsite or simply during your daily activities. Fort Knox offers three different pistol boxes – standard, personal and auto pistol boxes. Each pistol safe is made with 10-gauge steel, secured with a 3/16” plate door and lined with either carpet or foam for added protection.

Another option for those who need a little extra space is the CAB security box. This safe works perfectly mounted in a truck, tucked away in a closet or even as an added layer of protection within a larger vault. Store your compact weapons and smaller treasured items behind a 5-button punch lock and 10-gauge steel walls.

Larger Safes for Your Larger Needs

Not everything we love and value can be stored in a small safe. Look to Fort Knox vaults to protect your larger valuables. For your bigger guns and rifles, Fort Knox has over ten different stand-alone vaults to choose from, all made in the USA. Each vault is customizable and includes a variety of upgrades created specifically to give you the highest security. For those who value elegance and reliability, Fort Knox’s Home Safes line gives the best combination of style and protection. Luxury features in the Home Safe line include hardwood drawers, high gloss finishes and attractive interior fabric finishes.

If your needs aren’t met with our stand-alone vaults, look into a Fort Knox Vault door to create a walk-in vault to store gun collections, large valuables and whatever else you may want to secure.

No matter your needs, Fort Knox has an option for you. Our American-made products provide the best reliability, protection and security on the market. Contact Fort Knox today to find the right size safe that fits your life.

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