Made in the USA: What it Means for Gun Safes

If there’s one thing gun owners may take more pride in than their firearms, it’s the custom gun safe they have to secure those firearms. In addition to the pride of having an American made gun safe in their home, gun owners can have peace of mind knowing it was made with the highest quality materials and the construction process and craftsmanship was top-notch. The same can’t be said with gun safes made outside of the USA. Sometimes the materials are cheaply constructed, or the craftsmanship isn’t up to par, which can lead to damage to your firearms when you need your gun safe to protect them the most. Consumers can feel confident knowing every Fort Knox safe is made and manufactured solely in the United States. They are one of the few gun safe manufacturers that can make this claim. 


Understand What “Made In The United States” Means


Regardless of the safe or vault you’re looking at, when you see that it was “made in the United States,” you have to look a little deeper for confirmation. For American made gun safes that boast the “made in the United States” claim, every single component and the entire manufacturing process must be completed on American soil. Some gun safe manufacturers take pride in building or assembling their gun safes in the USA, but they have the parts and components imported from other countries. 


When you think about why you’re getting a custom safe to begin with, chances are some of the reasons include fire protection, theft protection, and other prevention features that restrict access and prevent unauthorized people from opening the safe. These features can be greatly compromised if any component is manufactured or assembled outside of the United States. With gun safes manufactured outside of the United States, quality control isn’t always the highest priority. With Fort Knox safes, you can feel confident in the safety features since every vault and safe is made entirely in the United States, and only premium materials are used in the construction process. Fort Knox tightly controls the craftsmanship and ultimately builds every safe the same way they would expect it to be built for them. Since the company oversees every aspect of the manufacturing process, they have strict protocols in place to ensure quality standards are upheld with every safe and vault. 


The Difference Is In Craftsmanship, Quality, And Protection


American made gun safes simply have better craftsmanship, quality, and offer much better protection than gun safes with imported components. The level of detail that goes into Fort Knox safes during the manufacturing process is incredible, and they back up their build quality by offering a lifetime warranty on any component of the safe. Other gun safe manufacturers, even ones based in the United States, that don’t tightly control the quality of their products may produce gun safes that allow moisture to enter, which could create rust on your guns. Or it could mean it doesn’t have much fire protection if a fire were to occur at your home. The whole idea of investing in a custom gun safe is to protect your valuable firearms from things like house fires, and gun safes made by most manufacturers other than Fort Knox simply don’t stand up to the task.


Important Gun Safe Features You Can Rely On


Some of the things you can’t see from the outside of any given custom gun safe are things like additional steel for added strength and a hydrogen bond fireboard for fire protection. The difference between other gun safe manufacturers and Fort Knox is that every feature is more closely monitored and controlled at Fort Knox. They put a significant amount of time and attention into the creation of every custom safe, so you know the quality will meet or exceed expectations. Consumers can’t make those same assumptions with other gun safe manufacturers, regardless of where they are made.


Fort Knox Gun Safes Offer Superior Craftsmanship And A Lifetime Warranty


Since Fort Knox manufactures every one of their vaults and safes in the United States, every single product is monitored and tightly controlled when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. Very few gun safe manufacturers can say this, and even fewer offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on every component of their safes. If you purchase Fort Knox safes brand new and have any sort of problem or notice a defect, simply contact the customer service department, and the issue will be resolved without hesitation. 

You’re making a big investment in a gun safe, so you shouldn’t have to question the quality or whether it will protect your firearms and other belongings in the event of a fire or an attempted theft. With industry-leading fire protection and a quality manufacturing process, you can feel confident knowing when you put your firearm in a Fort Knox gun safe and lock it, it’s going to be able to withstand the harshest elements. Fort Knox stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of every safe and vault manufactured, so build your American made custom gun safe today.

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