How To Properly Store Paper Currency and Important Documents

Securely store your documents  

When dealing with your most valuable possessions including paper money, precious photos and other important documents, security is of the utmost importance. Properly storing documents and valuables in a safe location is vital for preventing damage or theft. You do not want to face the possibility of losing valuable mementos due to a natural disaster. 

Fort Knox Vaults provide a solution to this potential problem and others with its custom fire-resistant safes.

Important documents that should be stored in a safe

Fort Knox’s custom, fire-resistant safes are ideal for storing documents like currency, social security cards, passports, birth certificates, important records, tax information and other items that are usually stored in a vault. Keeping those records stored in a safe, not only adds an extra layer of protection over a filing cabinet or folder on a shelf but also creates peace of mind knowing your valuables are secure. 

Preventing fire damage

Feel secure in your decision to use a Fort Knox custom vault for your valuables. All custom, fire-resistant safes are lined with an Inferno Shield — a proprietary blend of hydrogen bond fireboard that prevents fire damage to your valuables. The fireboard insulation is used on all six sides of the safe to insulate the inside from high temperatures. Additionally, a dead air space is manufactured into the vault which acts as a thermal barrier to give added protection as well as dual activated thermal door seals. 

Fort Knox provides a number of safe options with different levels of fire protection available to suit your needs.

Protection against the elements

Sheltering your valuables from fire is a big concern, but what about the other elements?

Fort Knox’s custom, fire-resistant safes are climate controlled, keeping all manner of paper currency or documents safeguarded from fire, humidity and other damaging elements. With the ability to customize your vault, you have the option to add more layers of steel to the body of the safe. For example, upgrading to the ArmaKnox AR500 body gives your vault the strength to stop three shots from a .44 magnum pistol. Talk about a safe safe. You can also opt for a thicker inner lining to the vault body, giving burglars an even tougher task if they try to breach the safe. 

With these added security measures combined with climate control, your most prized possessions can be protected from acid, light, insects and mildew or mold.

Safeguard your prized possessions

With Fort Knox Vaults, you can rest easy knowing that you have a safe, designed by you for you, to store your documents and protect what you hold dear. Fort Knox’s Inferno Shield provides industry-leading fire protection and can prevent losing vital documents and possessions if a fire comes your way. Combined with the thick steel body of the safe, Fort Knox is a great choice for securing your valuables. Also, with the multitude of customization options, you can build the Fort Knox safe that is right for you. Build and price your custom Fort Knox gun safe today.

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