How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Gun Safe

Guns? Check. Safe for storage? Check. Last cleaning for your safe? ….

Cleaning your gun safe will not only preserve the pristine quality but also ensure everything inside is continually protected to the highest standard. This includes a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior on a timely cadence.

Follow our checklist and your assets will continue to be safe and secure.

Inspect and Clean your Safe at Least Monthly

At a minimum, the safe should be inspected once a month. This suggestion could depend on the frequency of use and location of the safe inside your home. 

When looking at your safe, review the following aspects on the outside of the safe:

When looking on the inside of the safe, look for:

  • Moisture 
  • Seals are not damaged

It’s important to do routine checks on your safe because the longer you wait, the more dust settles and hardens making it harder to clean.

Cleaning safe’s exterior

When you clean the outside of your safe, use a nonabrasive, dry or slightly damp cloth. More aggressive cleaning cloths can scratch or damage the protective coating. 

If a slightly damp cloth isn’t enough, a neutral soap and water mixture can be used to clean the metal parts. These parts include the handle, locking bolts and hinges. Metal cleaner is not a good option as it will deteriorate the nontarnish coating on these parts.

Any paint imperfections you find as you clean might need a touch-up with this product

For exterior hinges, oiling is also important. Oil should be applied to the top, bottom and sides of the hinges. 

Cleaning safe’s interior

The inside of the safe is also important to keep pristine and clean. One of the most important things to look for is moisture. If water has gotten in, check the seals and consider a dehumidifier.  

A good gun safe will protect your guns from fire and theft, but might not prevent rust, corrosion, mold or mildew from developing on the outside or inside the safe. Fort Knox safes are designed to have a controlled climate inside, but it’s always good to add a reminder in your phone and make sure to review this checklist at least monthly to ensure protection for your valuables.  

Fort Knox Vaults are the only manufacturer to offer a truly comprehensive lifetime warranty for your safe. This includes the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch and body of the vault. Make sure that you protect and take care of your safe so it can protect your valuables for a long time.

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