How to Find the Best Gun Safe Size For Your Home

You know you want a Fort Knox vault to keep all your valuables safe, but how do you know what size to buy? This blog post will help you figure out the perfect size to hold your valuables and fit comfortably in your home.

Gather All Your Items in One Place

It helps to find everything in your house that you want to put in your Fort Knox safe. This will help ensure you don’t forget an important item and order a safe that is too small to fit everything. Measure your items to be more accurate. It helps to know the exact dimensions of your largest items, such as security boxes or bigger guns. 

Items that people often keep in gun safes besides guns are passports, Social Security cards, insurance policies, legal documents, jewelry, cash, laptops, heirlooms, cameras, watches, keys, designer items and medication.

Fort Knox Vault Sizes

At Fort Knox, you can select the custom gun safe size that fits your needs, not something that comes off an assembly line. If you need a small safe that will fit in your closet, we can make it work. If you’re looking for the biggest safe you can find, we have it.

We build seven sizes of vaults that will fit in your home. Our smallest vault starts at 40”x26”x20” and our largest size is 72”x61”x27”. To help you picture it better, the smallest gun safe size is just over three feet tall and two feet wide, while the biggest gun safe size is six feet tall and five feet wide. We also have five sizes between those two that will help you customize your gun safe to exactly what you’re looking for.

Gun Safes and Security Boxes

Our customers often want something small to install in their car, camper or furniture. If you’re in need of a small gun safe to hold your pistol, we have pistol boxes that are 11⅝” wide, 3⅝” high and 10¼” deep. These pistol boxes include a foam pad lining and a five-button punch lock for quick access. Constructed of a heavy 10 gauge steel body with a 3/16” door plate, it is the most secure box in the industry. Best of all, they include a lifetime warranty.

For valuable small items such as jewelry or passports, Fort Knox offers a CAB Security Box with sizes at 20”, 24” and 28”. You can mount this box in a truck, furniture or within your larger gun safe for extra security.

Our Fort Knox vaults are available at any size you need. Measure your valuables to gauge the correct height, width and depth your gun safe should be, then head to our Custom Vault Builder to build and price your custom gun safe. With a Fort Knox gun safe, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest-security vault for your items that will fit perfectly in your home.

fort knox vault builder sizes

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