Gun Safes Are Not Created Equally: The Research You Need Before Finding The Right One

There are plenty of gun safes available to store your guns. However, very few of them do what they are supposed to and aren’t reliable when you need them most. Your valuable possessions and firearms deserve to be protected in a strong and reliable gun safe that will withstand attempted burglaries, fire damage, and even water damage. Plenty of companies use marketing gimmicks to make their safes sound more attractive, but they likely won’t hold up when they are needed. Not all gun safes are created equally, and here’s what you need to know before you buy one.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Safe


Before you buy a custom gun safe, research some brands you can rely on to narrow down your options. Fort Knox stands out as the leader in manufacturing the highest-quality custom gun safes and vaults in the industry and every home and gun safe is made in the United States. There’s a certain amount of confidence you can have in your gun safe when it’s made in the United States and under heavily-monitored craftsmanship throughout the manufacturing process. Some of the main things you need to look out for when buying a custom gun safe include:


  • Fire rating – the higher the fire rating, the longer your belongings inside your home gun safe can survive a fire without being damaged. Look not only for the longest length of time of the fire test and the highest fire temperature rating, but ask the manufacturer for information on how they test their safes so you can see concrete results.
  • Steel thickness – what separates Fort Knox gun safes from other companies is the steel thickness. The thicker the steel, the more security the gun safe offers. Burglars often target gun safes, but will quickly move along when they realize they are up against a strong safe.
  • Lifetime warranty – the best companies will back their products with a lifetime warranty, including material and workmanship defects. It’s hard to find this type of warranty outside of Fort Knox.


Research What Matters Most In A Gun Safe


While the above features are important to consider for every gun safe owner, you also need to research what matters most to you. If you have kids in the house, this could mean adding additional layers of steel or fire protection for security. Or, if you live in a humid environment, a custom gun safe with a dehumidifier is valuable to ensure your guns are protected from the effects of humidity and look just as good when you take them out as they did when you put them in. Evaluate every possible option when it comes to gun safes so you can better determine which features fit your specific needs.


Why Fort Knox Gun Safes Are The Best


Fort Knox is the industry leader in manufacturing gun safes. You can customize every gun safe to fit your needs and budget and can have confidence knowing every component is made and manufactured in the United States. Fort Knox boasts the highest fire ratings in the industry, with the ability to add extra layers of protection if you wish. And with every Fort Knox gun safe you purchase, you can take advantage of the lifetime warranty that covers material and workmanship defects. 

Your firearms deserve to be placed in a custom gun safe that will protect them at all time. With a Fort Knox safe, you can have peace of mind knowing your investments are free from danger and will prevent unauthorized access. Visit our website today and build your custom gun safe to meet the highest standards.

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