Gun Ownership In The United States Is On The Rise

It’s safe to say the United States as a whole has a deep history when it comes to gun ownership. Most people have a strong opinion about guns one way or another, which has sparked plenty of debates over the years. But with as many differences in opinions about guns in our society, there are plenty of agreements as well. The most accepted agreement is restricting access to guns to people with mental illnesses or who are on watch lists by the federal government. Current trends indicate gun ownership is on the rise, which means the purchases of American made gun safes should also be on the rise. Here are some of the important trends today regarding gun ownership in the United States and what you need to consider as a gun owner.

Gun Ownership in the U.S.


Protections Provided By The Second Amendment


The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual’s rights to keep and bear arms. However, these rights are limited and are designed to help people protect themselves for self-defense purposes. People who are mentally ill or convicted felons do not have protected rights by the Second Amendment, and carrying unusual or dangerous weapons is also not protected. This means that the average homeowner in the United States who has not been convicted of a felony or has a mental illness has the right to keep a firearm in their home to protect themselves and their property. 


Who Owns Guns In The United States?


Gun owners often take great pride in the ability to have a gun in their home. It is estimated that there are about 88 guns per 100 residents across the United States. According to Pew Research Center, nearly 75% of gun owners believe having a gun is important for their sense of freedom. Roughly half of white American men own a gun, while only about 25% of American women own a gun. New gun owners are on the rise, particularly among women. Many women feel safer walking on the streets with a gun, so more of them are getting their concealed handgun licenses primarily to protect themselves and their property. A study from Pew Research Center in 2014 indicated that roughly 31% of women owned a gun in the United States, but this number is on the rise today.


People who live in southern states are more likely to own a gun than people in the northern states, with more than 50% of people in the south stating they own a gun. And from a political standpoint, people who identify as Republicans are more than twice as likely to own a gun than people who identify as Democrats.


Why People Choose To Keep Guns In Their Home


For people who own a gun, roughly 67% of them say self-protection is the biggest reason why they own one. Hunting, recreation, and gun collecting are also reasons why Americans own guns. Geographically, people in rural areas tend to indicate they own guns for hunting, while people in urban areas own them for self-protection. About 68% of people with guns in the home identify as people who love to spend time outdoors. Shooting guns for recreation purposes can be relaxing for some people and help relieve some life stressors and is a big reason they choose to own guns. Everyone has different views and opinions on gun ownership and keeping guns in the home, which always allows for constructive debates.


The Importance Of Investing In A Custom Gun Safe


Whether you’re interested in purchasing a gun for the first time or if you already own a gun, a custom gun safe is critical to invest in. As gun ownership continues rising in the United States, so do cases of accidental deaths due to mishandling guns. Many households don’t have gun safes to keep firearms away from children or other unauthorized people, which can put families and others in danger.


With Ft. Knox safes, you can securely store your firearms and be a responsible gun owner. Exercising the Second Amendment by purchasing a gun can give people a great sense of pride, but it’s essential to have a Fort Knox vault to protect your investment. Today, gun safe manufacturers are enhancing their safety features to make them more secure and protect firearms from fire, theft, and other unauthorized access. It’s up to gun owners to prioritize gun safety, and Ft. Knox safes can make it easier to accomplish. 


What To Expect From Ft. Knox Safes


The details of Ft. Knox safes are what make them stand out from any other gun safe manufacturer. Each Fort Knox vault goes through an intense and detailed manufacturing process to offer safe features you can’t find anywhere else. From an additional steel plate to increase the strength of the safe to an electronic lock to prevent unauthorized access, Fort Knox safes are designed to enhance American security for citizens. 


American made gun safes are of much higher quality than foreign-made brands, and the level of security provided is not comparable. Buying one from a random safe and vault dealer may lead to cost savings, but chances are it won’t protect your firearms if you experience a house fire, attempted theft, or even if a child attempts to open it. Build your custom gun safe with Fort Knox today, and you’ll receive the highest quality product that’s backed by a lifetime warranty.


Facebook/LinkedIn: Gun ownership is on the rise throughout the United States. Many people have strong opinions about guns, whether they are for or against them. If you are thinking about purchasing a gun or already own one, having a quality gun safe is just as important as owning the firearm. We’ve explored some statistics and facts about gun ownership in the United States at our blog.

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