Fort Knox’s Favorite Custom Vaults

Buying a custom gun safe should be a fun process especially if you choose a standard gun safe from Fort Knox because you can customize it to ensure you have all the features you need. But if you’re a first-time gun safe purchaser, how do you know what features you’ll need now and in the future? We’ve gone to the experts themselves, Fort Knox owners, to get their opinions on the best Fort Knox safes they like and for what reasons.


Fort Knox Owners’ Favorite Vaults 


Bill James, Vice President of Fort Knox Vaults, loves the concept of a vault door. You can use a vault door to turn any room into a walk-in vault, but preferably a room with secure concrete, block, or a steel-lined room for added security. When you use a vault door in this capacity, you’ll have a large storage area, which can be a limitation of standalone vaults if you have a large number of firearms or other items. As Bill states, “Most customers have more items and need more capacity than they realize.”


Bill also loves the 72” Guardian Series vaults. The main features are the double steel walls and heavy plate and fire reinforced door. It’s a great high-end security package at a reasonable price. The third pick for Bill is the Defender Series 6031, which is a great entry to a mid-level product for customers who might be buying their first gun safe.


Phil James, Global Sales Director of Fort Knox Vaults, believes the Fort Knox 8248 in-swing vault door with a faux black crane hinge, black chrome trim, and electronic lock is his favorite item. The door makes a bold statement in any home while offering top-notch security. You know when you open this vault door that you’re going to see some cool things behind it.


The second favorite Fort Knox vault Phil loves is the Protector 6637 Distressed with gold trim and electronic lock. The size is perfect for an American family to lock up their most valuable items and still have extra space to add future items. And the security offered is top-of-the-line with 3/16” steel and weighing just under 1,300-pounds.


Customization Options For Standard Fort Knox Vaults


Some of the best customization options you might not know about, but are valuable options in a custom gun safe, include:

  • The layout of the interior rack and cabinet
  • Adding up to four layers of steel liners
  • LED light system
  • Door organizer
  • Dehumidifier
  • Mirror at the top or bottom
  • Door holsters
  • Carpeted pedestal

You have many options with your custom gun safe, so think about what you need and customize the perfect one.


Where Should You Put Your Fort Knox Vault?


Fort Knox safes are designed to be free-standing so they can be placed almost anywhere. You can put larger safes in a garage or similar space and bolt them down for additional security. Otherwise, put your custom gun safe in your bedroom, den, office, or an area of your choosing. While it’s understandable to be proud of how your gun safe looks, keeping it out of sight as much as possible is also a good thing so intruders or unauthorized people aren’t tempted to open it.

We hope hearing from some of our top people at Fort Knox can help you decide which custom vault you want. Start the process of building and pricing your own custom Fort Knox vault today.

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