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Homeowners should have some type of home safe to protect their valuable possessions. People with multiple guns know the importance of proper gun storage, but it’s important to become educated about why a custom gun safe is valuable as a new gun owner. Accidents or tragedies can occur at any time, whether it’s due to a house fire, natural disaster, home invasion, or various types of accidents. Having your firearms and valuable possessions in quick access safes can keep them secured and allow you to get them out easily when needed.


What is often overlooked by homeowners is the quality of safe they purchase. It’s easy to simply purchase the cheapest safe that fits your size requirements, but you usually get what you pay for. It’s like buying an insurance policy with poor coverage. Just because you have a basic safe doesn’t mean it will protect your belongings when you need it to. That’s why homeowners put their trust in Fort Knox. Our history speaks for itself, and our track record proves that we are the leading expert in vaults and home safes. Here are some of the many reasons why Fort Knox safes are a cut above the rest.


Unmatched Security Measures


For more than 38 years, Fort Knox has offered top-of-the-line handgun safes, custom gun vaults, and home safes to consumers. We are constantly working to refine our processes to ensure we provide the very best products to our loyal customers. It begins with the premium materials used to manufacture every gun vault in our facility, and it ends with the expert craftsmanship throughout the manufacturing process. Our standard gun safes are designed to withstand some of the toughest conditions, but you also can customize your gun vault to increase the steel thickness if you want even more protection. Everyone’s level of peace of mind is different, and you can feel confident your firearms are protected with a custom gun vault from Fort Knox.


Top-Notch Fire Protection


Fire protection is a major feature that puts Fort Knox safes ahead of all other competition. We use a hydrogen bond fireboard to provide ultimate fire protection, and before buying a Fort Knox safe, you can view a graph to see exactly how our safes can hold up during fire events. We use a cold smoke seal to prevent smoke from entering the safe and an additional seal to keep the door closed to prevent heat from entering. The Fort Knox Inferno Shield is designed and tested to keep the internal temperature of the vault to less than 350-degrees and provides ultimate fire protection of up to 1680-degrees for 90-minutes. You can also customize your Fort Knox gun vault to add another layer of fire protection to boost the rating to 120-minutes if you live in an area where it may take emergency responders longer to arrive at your home. 


Lifetime Warranty For Ultimate Peace Of Mind


We are so confident in our products at Fort Knox that we offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of any of our safes and vaults. This lifetime warranty covers workmanship issues and material defects, from the vault doors to the locking bolts and everything in between. And to take our guarantee a step further, we will also replace your vault for free if it was broken into or damaged due to attempted theft. We understand that accidents happen as well, and many of them are out of your control. If your Fort Knox vault is damaged due to a fire, flood, or other accident, we will replace it for you in most situations. 


Warranties like the one offered by Fort Knox don’t exist in the industry. We are confident in our materials and workmanship and stand by our products so much that we believe we owe it to our customers to offer such a strong warranty. You never want to have to take advantage of a warranty claim, but it’s nice to have peace of mind that it’s available if you need it.


No other company can compare to the products and services offered by Fort Knox. Every feature and component is protected under our lifetime warranty, but we are confident you won’t have to use it. Whether you need a small gun vault for a few firearms or are interested in designing entire vault rooms, Fort Knox can help you protect your most valued possessions. When you’re ready to invest in the best gun safe in the industry, visit Fort Knox and build your custom gun safe.

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