Fire Resistance: What You Need to Know When Buying a Safe

One of the first questions that might pop up for someone in the market to buy a safe is “Will my gun safe be fireproof?” At Fort Knox, we understand why this question is at the forefront of our customers’ minds. They want to protect their valuables and be prepared for any scenario. Read through our breakdown of some common myths about fire protection, what makes safes fire resistant and why Fort Knox’s safes stand above all the rest.

Avoid Misleading Terms

First, customers looking to invest in a new gun safe or vault should be wary of any company selling their products as “fireproof.” While current fire-protection technology is leagues ahead of where safes were even just a couple decades ago, very few safes — if any at all — are truly fireproof. The purpose of fire-protection material is to limit damage to your valuables, guns and collectables. If temperatures or conditions exceed the limits of a safe’s material, damage can occur. Companies that advertise as fully fireproof can be misleading their consumers into a false sense of security.

At Fort Knox, we use the terms fire-resistant and fire-protection. We want those who invest in a Fort Knox safe to know we provide the utmost transparency about our materials, production and value. All of our safes are crafted from American-made products right here in the USA and our vaults include options for customizing the level of protection when being built.

What Protects My Safe?

We at Fort Knox only use the best material available on the market because we know that the safes and vaults we sell don’t just protect assets; our customers trust our safes to protect the things they value the most. We build our safes’ fire resistance by limiting thermal conductivity — the passing of heat through the walls of the safe that can damage valuables inside — using a proprietary blend of a hydrogen bond fireboard. All fireboards are locked in place using a stud weld process.

Using our Vault Builder, customers can choose the level of protection built into their safes and vaults, adding additional layers of fireboard for the best protection available in commercial safes. Our Inferno Shield is tested by a full nine sensor simulated house fire and can provide fire protection at 1680 degrees in 90 minutes. When someone invests in a Fort Knox fire-resistant safe, they’re investing in the best possible protection available.

Choose Fort Knox for your next safe and get the best protection available, hand crafted by skilled technicians and manufactured from 100% American-made products. Know what you’re buying and who you’re buying from. Get a quote for your customizable safe today.

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