Customizing Your Gun Safe: Top Features To Consider

Deciding to invest in a Fort Knox gun vault is one of the best decisions you can make to protect your firearms. We greatly appreciate your trust in us and we will strive to provide value and information to you before, during, and after the sale. Our goal is to create a relationship with our customers for years to come. The first step in developing that relationship is helping you understand what features and options are available to customize your gun safe. It’s important to think about not only the features that are important to you now, but what you can anticipate enjoying or needing in the future. We’ve discussed some of the top features to consider as you’re going through the customization process for your new gun safe.


Exterior Customization Options


The exterior customization options are all about what you want your gun vault to look like. You can go with a traditional texture finish in dark granite, light granite, or rimrock for no additional charge. Or you have a couple of two-tone options to choose from. Gloss finishes are also available in several different colors, with some limited finishes. When selecting the exterior appearance for your Fort Knox gun safe, consider where you’ll be putting it and what the decor is in the room. Most people choose a neutral color that blends in with the color scheme of the room they put it in. The idea is to make your gun safe look natural in the room so it won’t stand out or attract too much attention. 

At Fort Knox, we also give you a few lock types and lock colors to choose from based on how you want to gain access to your gun safe. You can also choose among different graphic styles if you wish to add something different to the exterior. Other options includethe hinge type, whether you want it internally or externally, or even a crane hinge. And you can also choose whether you want the hinge to swing to the left or the right.


Interior Layouts To Consider


When you think about the interior layouts, you need to consider your current and future needs when selecting the appropriate option. If you have an abundance of guns, then you may be best suited for a configuration that holds mostly guns with just a gun safe shelf or two. Otherwise, you could select a ¾ gun rack configuration or less, which would include more shelving. Your guns may be your priority when selecting a gun vault but think about the other sensitive items you may want to put in as well now or in the future like important documents and other valuables. You can also choose from multiple interior fabric options to suit your aesthetic desires.


Add Steel Liners And Other Upgrades


You also have the opportunity to add additional steel liners, increased body thickness, reinforced fire liners, and even an upgrade to the thickness of the steel door. Every layer of protection you add leads to more safety and security for your firearms and other valuables in the gun safe. You can rest assured that every Fort Knox gun vault is manufactured to protect your valuables without these additional liners and upgrades, but we offer them in case they give you additional peace of mind.


Accessories Personalize Your Gun Safe


The gun safe accessories you choose can make you feel like your gun vault was built specifically for you. You can add drawer inserts if you have valuables that need to fit in a drawer. You have the option of choosing your gun safe lighting with a single LED light or a complete LED lighting system. Corner bolts add to your gun vault’s security features, and you can also include door holsters that attach to the door. You have so many different options to choose from when it comes to gun safe accessories so you can design the gun vault that fits your specific needs.


At Fort Knox, we want you to feel confident with your gun vault purchase, which is why we offer so many different customization options for you. Everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to their gun vault, so we do our very best to cover all bases to ensure you find exactly what you need. Explore all of the top features Fort Knox has to offer and build your custom gun safe today.

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