4 Tips For Long Term Rifle Storage

Anyone who owns a firearm should also have a gun vault to store it. Not only does the vault prevent unauthorized access to your guns, but it also protects them from getting damaged. Guns should always be cleaned thoroughly before storing them, especially if you know you won’t be using them for a while. The last thing you want to happen is to open your custom gun safe to find that your firearms are damaged. Here are four valuable tips to remember before putting your guns into long-term storage.


1. Clean Your Rifle Thoroughly


Every rifle you put into your Fort Knox vault should be cleaned thoroughly. Many people focus solely on the outside and neglect to clean the inside. It’s critical to clean the bore to ensure rust doesn’t develop and potentially make aiming your gun impossible because it directs the bullet off-track. Moisture is the worst enemy for metal surfaces, so wiping them down with a light layer of oil or lubricant can prevent moisture from staying on the surface. Any wood stocks you have should be waxed as well before long-term storage. And finally, make sure you remove all of your fingerprints before putting your rifle in your custom gun safe. The salt from your hands can even expedite rust development on metal components.


2. Invest In A Custom Gun Safe


Every gun owner in the United States should own a custom gun safe to protect their rifles in the short-term and long-term. You can customize virtually every aspect of your Fort Knox gun vault, including the vault doors, adding layers to increase the fire rating, customized shelving, and much more. The goal for long-term rifle storage is to keep your guns looking great so they function just as well when you take them out as they did when you put them in.


3. Minimize Humidity Inside The Gun Vault


Fort Knox safes even include the option to add a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture level inside the vault. Moisture inside any gun safes can damage a rifle to the point where it’s essentially useless or requires serious restoration to get it back to normal. Adding a dehumidifier to your custom gun safe can prevent moisture damage and is well worth the investment when considering long-term rifle storage.


4. Only Allow Authorized Users To Access The Safe


Long-term rifle storage is only effective if you prevent any unauthorized people from entering. This not only refers to potential thieves or intruders, but also people who visit your home, kids, or anyone else you know. Set the code for your gun vault to something you will remember and only let one or two other trusted people know what it is. 

Fort Knox can help you protect your rifles for the long-term. Whether you need a small gun safe or entire vault rooms, we’ve got you covered. And each of our gun vaults comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty that’s unmatched in the industry, so you can have peace of mind knowing your guns are protected in multiple ways. Explore our range of gun safes and design yours today to meet the specifications for your rifle collection.

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