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NEW! Commercial Safe rated TL30x6


The L series by Fort Knox are the commercial standards in the safe industry. Carrying the UL TL30x6 rating makes this safe secure from most types of burglary attacks including the use of pry bars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels and saws. The concrete lining creates the fire protection and security but it also adds some additional questions regarding placement. With these extreme weights, these safes will not sit on a typical wood frame construction floor nor go up or down stairs. When selecting a commercial safe, placement consideration is critical.


Available in 4 Sizes, any Fort Knox color and most any of the interiors.

L Series 2517 –  1685 lbs.

L Series 5520 –  3716 lbs.

L Series 6532 –  4512 lbs.

L Series 7240 –  5460 lbs.