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The Fort Knox Executive Vault is built with 4 gauge (1/4″) solid steel walls.  More steel = more security.

When you need solid, heavy, thick protection, the Executive Vault is the way to go.  The Executive Vault comes with the 5 to 1 gear reduction in the handle, the star corner bolts and a finished in either our texture or gloss finish.

Customize Your Executive

Executive Sizes

  • Model
  • Height
  • Width
  • Volumne
  • Depth/Overall
  • Weight
  • 11/2 Locking Bolts
  • Executive 7251
  • 72.5"
  • 51"
  • 57 cu. ft.
  • 27"/30"
  • 1768 lbs
  • 20 - 1 1/2"
  • Executive 7241
  • 72.5"
  • 41"
  • 45 cu. ft.
  • 27"/30"
  • 1596 lbs
  • 20 - 1 1/2"
  • Executive 6637
  • 66.5"
  • 37"
  • 36 cu. ft.
  • 27"/30"
  • 1322 lbs
  • 20 - 1 1/2"
  • Executive 6031
  • 60.5"
  • 31"
  • 28 cu. ft.
  • 27"/30"
  • 1044 lbs
  • 18 - 1 1/2"
  • Executive 7261
  • 72.5"
  • 61"
  • 69 cu.ft.
  • 27"/30"
  • 1943 lbs
  • 20 - 1 1/2"

Executive Configurations

  • Universal Configuration

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      4 Shelves5 Shelves5 Shelves5 Shelves5 Shelves
  • Universal with Guns

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      4 Guns4 Guns4 Guns4 Guns4 Guns
  • 1/4 Gun Rack Configuration

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      8 Guns8 Guns12 Guns12 Guns12 Guns
  • 1/2 EZ Gun Rack Configuration

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      13 Guns14 Guns15 Guns18 Guns21 Guns
  • 1/2 Gun Rack Configuration

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      18 Guns22 Guns26 Guns34 Guns42 Guns
  • 3/4 Guns Configuration

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      26 Guns30 Guns38 Guns46 Guns54 Guns
  • All Gun Rack Configuration

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      36 Guns44 Guns52 Guns68 Guns84 Guns
  • Collector Configuration

    • 31"37"41"51"61"
      40 Guns48 Guns57 Guns73 Guns100 Guns

Executive Color Options

Exterior High Gloss Finish Colors

Black Cherry

Brilliant White

Jet Black

Burgundy Wine


Root Beer Brown

Sage Green


Mercedes Silver

Midnight Blue


Forest Green

Exterior Textured Finish Colors

Dark Granite

Light Granite



Premium Colors

Desert Rose

Fusion Orange

Flame Red

Viper Yellow

Interior Fabric Colors



Executive Accessories


  • Electronic
  • Redundant


  • Fluorescent
  • Security

Vault Space

  • Drawers
  • Organizers
  • Holsters
  • Rack
  • Pedestal

Gun Sock

  • Socks

Electronic Lock

Push-­button convenience with un-compromised security. Up to one million potential combinations and automatically deactivated for fifteen minutes when four wrong codes are entered.

Redundant Lock

Never worry about being able to get into your safe in the event of an electronic keypad failure. The LaGard Redundant lock opens with both an electronic combination and a mechanical dial, but with only a single lock. Have complete peace of mind knowing that whether you need quick access or long term reliability; the Redundant lock offers both. Only at Fort Knox.

Fluorescent Light Package

Light up the interior of your vault with fluorescent lights that surround the door frame. When the door is opened, these lights will make your valuables shine.

Security Safe Light

Security Safe Light is a compact light that allows quick and clear vision of your safe’s controls while giving you discreet access without impairing your night vision. The easy push button control gives you a two minute light cycle to open your safe and attaches easily by magnetics.

Safe Drawers

Add an exquisite drawer system to your safe, and find the ease of finding all of your items right where they belong. With 8 Drawers; including one file drawer, all have dove tail construction and a deep wood finish with easy grasp drawer pulls that put the finishing touches on any safe.

Door Organizer

The Door Organizer gives you a variety of options for added storage. Cargo net pockets, zippered pockets and pistol holsters are all included for additional convenience and organization. Take advantage of all the usable space in your safe-add the Tactical Door Organizer to your options list.

Door Holsters

Organize your handguns with ease and without tools. Hook and loop material allows easy positioning and repositioning instantly. Strong enough to securely hold the largest hand guns. One size fits most.

Door Rack

Keep your hand guns and other valuables accessible, and your vault organized with our door mounted rack

Carpeted Vault Pedestal

Raise your safe with a sturdy carpeted riser. Increase the access height of your vault by five inches.

Gun Socks

The Gun Socks protect firearms and other valuable gear against rust, dirt and scratches. The cotton's natural wicking ability continually draws moisture off the weapon making them ideal for year round storage. (6 pack)