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Ft Knox Safe on American Outdoors

Fort Knox safes protect what's important. See why we pride ourselves in being made in America.

  • 2S Crane Hinge

    Brand new 2S Crane hinge and the distressed look from Fort Knox. Nothing like it on the market today and introduced at the 2016 Shot Show.

  • Fort Knox Torture Test

    How will Fort Knox safe hold up when dropped from a crane or within a burning building? Watch to find out.

  • Fort Knox - 25 ton tank test

    Fort Knox safes are nearly indestructible. See how it holds up against a tank.

  • Pistol Safe Torture Test

    See how our pistol boxes hold up in our torture tests.

  • Matt Hughes at Fort Knox

    UFC Champ Matt Hughes shows Fort Knox employees how to choke an opponent.

  • Worlds Best Safes

    See why Fort Knox Safes are one of the best in the industry. Don't trust your valuables to any other safe builder.

  • Fort Knox is Heavy Metal

    Fun video showing Fort Knox Vaults are made with heavy steel

  • Fort Knox is made by Hand

    Fort Knox vaults are made by hand to maximize your personal security.

  • Safe Burn testing done by sellers lock

    A Fort Knox dealer, Sellers Lock, puts a Fort Knox safe to the test in a burn test

  • ArmaKnox AR-500 Steel; Only with Fort Knox

    Fort Knox AR-500 ballistic steel

  • Flipping Vegas talks about Fort Knox

    Scott and Amie talk about Fort Knox

  • Amie from Flipping Vegas

    Amie Yancey talks about Fort Knox security from a designers perspective.

  • The Difference between the Fort Knox Vaults

    Fort Knox Product Showcase

  • Fort Knox Concealment Shelf

    See how the Concealment Shelf works

  • Fort Knox Vault Doors

    Vault Doors

  • The Guardian Series Vaults

    Here are the quick selling points of the Guardian Vaults

  • The Legend Series Vaults

    What sets the Legend apart from the rest.

  • Maverick Series Safe

    Here are the great features about the Maverick

  • The Protector Series Vaults

    There Protector has some great features!

  • The Titan Series Vaults

    On of the top of the line safes on the market today is the Titan. Here is why.

  • Details in a Legend Vault

    Here are some details that are in the Legend safe as well as others.

  • Opening mechanism

    Internal gear mechanism in the Fort Knox Vaults

  • Studweld Fire Board

    Installation of Fire Board in the Fort Knox Vaults

  • Fort Knox Warranty

    Know the details of the warranty before you purchase

  • Fort Knox Relocking system

    Relockers on your Fort Knox Vaults

  • Steel Thickness

    More Steel equals more Securirty

  • Remote Relocking System

    Additional security for your Fort Knox Vault

  • 2014 NRA Show

    Fort Knox from the NRA show in Indianapolis this year

  • How to change batteries in your electronic lock

    Watch this quick video about how to change the batteries in your electronic lock

  • Opening your Pistol Box

    I just received my pistol box, how do i open it.

  • Reset your combination

    How to reset your combination on your pistol box.

  • Moving a safe or vault up or down stairs

    There are ways to move a vault correctly. Watch this to see.

  • Moving a safe upstairs

    Things to consider when moving a safe upstairs

  • Moving a vault downstairs

    Things to consider when moving a safe downstairs

  • Faded Paint

    Faded Paint new for the 2015 Shot Show

  • Gun Turret

    New gun turret shown at the 2015 Shot Show

  • Upside down door

    Upside down door at Shot

  • John from Hunting Illustrated tours Fort Knox

    Hunting Illustrated

  • Distressed look / 2S Crane Hinge

    2016 Shot Show Crane Hinge