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Why Purchase a Vault Room Door

There are many reasons to have a vault room door installed in your home whether it is for added storage, personal protection from intruders, or protection from natural disasters. A Fort Knox vault room door goes above and beyond to give peace of mind as well as unequaled protection. As time goes on, collections grow and often times the average gun safe will no longer fit all the items the collector desires. Often times the regular vault fills up a lot faster than a collector has anticipated.  In these circumstances, a vault room door can be a great option to…Read More »

History of the Bank Vault

The Bank Vault a.k.a. strongroom was a designated space to store valuables. This space was usually located in the basement of a bank, hotel, post office, or library. As bank robbers became more skilled at breaking into strongrooms, vault technology…Read More »

Don’t Fall For This Firearm Scam!

This past month Fort Knox Vaults was featured in a blog post on It is a great article full of great information. Take a look! Don’t Fall For This Firearm Scam!Read More »

The Most Expensive Historic Guns Sold At Auction

Vaults throughout the nation are filled with some of the most beautiful and expensive gun collections. Most collectors however don’t have any pieces as rare and as expensive as the firearms in this list. Here is a countdown of some…Read More »

Weapon Innovations during the Civil War

The Civil war was a catalyst for weapon improvements and innovation. During the span of the war, weapon technologies changed drastically. The need for more reliable, faster loading, and accurate weapons drove weapon manufacturers to push the envelope of what…Read More »

The Fort Knox Difference

Recently, our Director of Marketing, Doug Tarter was interviewed by On Target Magazine about what goes into building and buying a premium firearm safe. Check it out: On Target Magazine To go along with this article,  we put together an infographic on how to buy a vault.  Read More »

Infamous Bank Robbers In U.S. History

    In the U.S. there have been many famous bank robbers who will go down in history for the daring, reckless robberies they committed. Here are a list of a few that we think are the most interesting… Jesse James was an American outlaw known for running a vicious gang who carried out many bank and train robberies during the mid to late 1800’s.…Read More »

September Steel Special

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Things to consider when it comes to Fire Protection

When someone is in the process of shopping for a gun safe, fire protection is usually one of the main features looked for. This can often be a cloudy subject though, and many manufacturers aren’t always upfront with their customers…Read More »

August Steel Special

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