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Creating A Secure Password For Your Safe

Every security expert ushers their clients to create strong passwords. However, many individuals don’t understand what constitutes a good password or how to create one. Fortunately, gun safe owners can ensure that their password protects their safe by using an online generator, changing their password often and saving their passwords on a secure website. Today, American citizens who have access to the Internet can easily create their passwords using a password generator. Generators create passwords with combinations of numbers that are known to be more secure than other potential combinations. Using a password generator is also advantageous because it allows…Read More »

Fort Knox: the Cadillac of Gun Safes

For many years, people have always sought after owning a Cadillac. They’ve been known as the cream of the crop, a symbol of success and a nice life. They’re notorious for their sturdy build, glistening appearance and dependability. Much like one of these fancy cars, Fort Knox gun safes are notorious for their superior build, top of the line protection and their lifetime warranties. It’s…Read More »

Fort Knox’s history gives us an edge above the rest

Not every gun safe comes with all the qualities to set it apart from the rest, unless it’s a Fort Knox safe. For 30 years, Fort Knox has worked continually to bring the very best products to its customers. Throughout the years, they have made improvements to all of their gun safes, setting them ahead of the competitors. With unmatched security measures, superior fire protection,…Read More »

Understanding the Term: “Made in the United States”

Individuals who are considering purchasing a safe often want it to be made in the United States. However, many American companies focus their manufacturing operations in other nations. Understanding what commodities have been made in America is becoming increasingly difficult. Today, a product has to be “all or virtually all” produced in the United States to be considered American made. Before globalization, any product an…Read More »

Weird and Wise Items You Can Store in a Gun Safe

Obvious items to put in a gun safe include: guns, cash and items with monetary value like gold. While these are choice items to put in safes, limiting oneself to these items only underutilizes the storage bandwidth of a Fort Knox safe. Wine storage is one creative use of a gun safe. The cool, dark environment is the ideal storing condition for wine—particularly expensive vintage…Read More »

The Importance of a Dehumidifier for a Gun Safe’s Content

Most rifle brandishing people already know that any gun safe worth its salt is going to come fully-equipped with ample gun configuration capabilities, stainless steel components, and a reinforced fire door, but most are entirely unaware of the importance of having a properly-installed dehumidifier within the safe’s interior. Generally offered as either an electric rod or mountable desiccant, dehumidifiers are vital in that they keep…Read More »

Surprising Usage for Gun Safes

Here at Fort Knox, we are dedicated to producing a top-notch, quality gun safe perfect for you. You can select your safe from a variety of choices and customize your safe to suit your needs. There are many uses for gun safes in today’s world; in fact, gun storage is just a fraction of the possibilities for you and your safe. Many people use our…Read More »

Deciding Where to Place Your New Gun Safe

When deciding where to place your newly acquired gun safe, many considerations should be taken into account. Whether hunting, familial protection or a passion for firearm collection has thrust you into the world of gun safe ownership, the placement of said safe is an important task. Gun responsibility shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, once settled, your 600 pound gun safe won’t be easy to…Read More »

Transporting a Gun Vault to an Upstairs Location

      As an owner of firearms, the proper acquisition of a gun safe in the home is fundamental in firearm responsibility. The protection of both guns and precious family members make the the purchase of said gun safe a necessity. However, the 600 or so pounds of gun protecting power don’t make the placement of such a gargantuan object an easy move —…Read More »

Colorado Retailers turn to Fort Knox to keep cash safe

Colorado legalized the sale and use of recreational marijuana last year. But federal banks are unable to accept the money from these transactions, which are illegal under federal law. Marijuana manufacturers, then, have gone to some creative lengths to keep safe the money they make from each day’s business. And for the safest storage, many of these retail groups have turned to Fort Knox safes.…Read More »